A Netmums Film – Family Garden Inspiration

Family garden inspiration

About 6 weeks ago I made a film for Netmums talking about my family garden along with Penny from Alexander Residence and Jen from Love Chic Living. I do hope you enjoy having a little look around.

A colourful fitted kitchen


I have wanted a new fitted kitchen ever since I moved into this house. The kitchen I have is utterly bizarre. It looks normal from the outside but there is not one proper drawer. It is all cupboards. How odd is that!  I have nowhere near enough space either. The cupboards are fit to bursting [...]

A beautiful start for your baby


  After months of backache and fretting, your new arrival is here, and now you find yourself faced with a whole new array of worries. There are all these myths about how you can raise a genius from the day they are born, which you are best ignoring. But how do you give this tiny [...]

Wednesday Wisdom #2

book quote

I love this quote ….it draws together two of my most favourite things. It is actually an old Chinese proverb. I need more time in my life for both gardening and reading . Both feed and nurture my soul.  

Love Aroma Candles


I have always had a strong sense of smell and pleasing fragrances have always really had the power to move me. I was recently invited to review some candles form Love Aroma and I was delighted. Love Aroma is a home fragrance retailer that is really keen to help people discover new ways of adding [...]

How turn your clutter into cash

I’m a a firm believer in the saying that your homes should be full of things that are either beautiful or useful. Preferably both in my book. This  weekend I have been madly de-cluttering. The clutter had been getting out of hand and my home was looking like a disorganized mess. I happily filled charity [...]

Beautiful Things by Laura Hitchcock

Laura Hitchcock

This weeks beautiful things are from Laura Hitchcock (or Laura little stuff as I always think of her!) Laura has been blogging beautifully about home,, family and shopping!  for a very long time. In her own words.. I started LittleStuff wa-a-a-y back in 2004 A 70′s child, I’ve been married for a Very Long Time, [...]

These three I love

these three i love

Linking up to PODcast the B&W Photography Project and

Unique prints for our Home

Franz Marc

I have long been an art lover. I studied A level history and fell in love with Franz Marc aged 18 . Oh how I would love an original painting of his on my wall with his vibrant colours and simple lines.   Source Matisse too just rocked my world…with the simplicty of his art [...]

This Old Thing – falling in love with vintage clothes

top tips for vinatge clothes shopping

I have always written about being thrifty, indeed on my other blogs baby budgeting, thrifty home and family budgeting I write only about being thrifty. It is in my nature not to waste things, to recycle them to keep things simple. I am a hippy at heart! I do however love beautiful things (hence this [...]

A Pretty Profusion of Pink and Purple


Even if you think the Big Bang created the stars, don’t you wonder who sent the flowers? ~Robert Brault, Our garden is bursting with pinks and purples and the butterflies are dancing in delight. This gorgeous passionflower was hiding under a bush We have lot so f these no clue what they are called! The [...]

Wednesday Wisdom #1

Earth laughs

Beautiful Things by Karin Joyce


Karin Joyce is a wife to a patient Englishman, mum to Ella (6) and Sam (2 1/2) and blogger & social media addict. 5 years ago she created Cafe Bebe to fill the void as her maternity leave ended and stay-at-home-mumhood began. Cafe Bebe quickly became more than just a hobby and led to other [...]

How to make a flower crown

flower crown

Flower crowns are just the prettiest jewellery! I wrote a few weeks ago over on my Thrifty Home blog about how we have an abundance of sweet peas and each day we pick them only to replace them again the next day. We have given bunches and bunches away and yet still they come!  I [...]

A Crafty Garden

flower press

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Our garden brings us fruits, flowers, a place to eat, a place to think and somewhere to pause. It is indeed a giving garden. Not just for us but for the children too. It gives the children space to play and potter, shoot goals, make mud [...]