The Blogger Style Challenge


I have been challenged alongside 2 other fabulous interior and home  bloggers to create  a moodboard filled with high street products  that would be perfect for rented accommodation. The aim is to make rented homes more homely without altering the fabric of the building – all on a budget of under £300. The other two [...]

Beautiful Things by Katie Albury

Beautiful Person

Katie Albury is a UK based lifestyle blogger sharing her life experiences as a thirty something newly-wed who is always on a diet, trying new fads and trends, shopping, (don’t tell the Hubster) attempting to get fit (and failing), changing careers and smiling along the way! Katie blogs at Miss Enchanting which is the most [...]

Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

stylish bathrooom

A lot of people dream of having a large, sprawling bathroom with endless options of what you can do with it. However, in reality, most of us are lucky if we get a “normal”-shaped bathroom, never mind a spacious one. If this is the case then you really need to make the most of storage [...]

Why you should make The 52 List

The 52 list

I have just read an interesting little book called The 52 List by Lizzie Jones. I just loved the idea behind it; creating time for, enjoying and celebrating the small stuff  in life(which of course when you look back is the important stuff.) Basically you create a to do list of things that 1) you [...]

Are we blurring the lines between kids’ and adults’ games?

Source  A recent study by the Entertainment Software Association revealed that children as young as 13 years old are now playing mobile games on a smartphone or tablet device. While the study also revealed that the new-found trend is not having a negative impact on the sales of console or PC games, it does pose [...]

What your bathroom suite says about you


I am a bit nosy if I am honest. I love to look around peoples homes and to see how they have designed and decorated them. I like to check out their accessories and see how they have personalised it. I think homes reflect their owners in much the same way that clothes can. I [...]

Antique chairs for the bedroom

Louis chairs

When I was a small girl I used to (very occasionally) go for a visit with my grand rather elegant Great Aunty Eileen. She was so stylish and chic and she had the most beautiful home. I used to love to sit in the most gorgeous antique silk covered  armchair in her bedroom and watch [...]

What will a bedroom look like in the future?


Betta Living  ( the  fitted bedroom specialists) have been working with a  technology expert to created a bedroom for the future. It may look bizarre and out there but I remember when there were only 3 channels on TV and the video recorder and CD player were just talked about  rather than seen! Things happen [...]

Beautiful Things by Kate Gunn


Todays beautiful things are written by Kate Gunn, a lovely, warm, intelligent lady who it is my pleasure to work with from time to time. Kate lived in County Wicklow, Ireland until heading off on her international adventures in 1999. She spent her 20’s travelling, her 30’s getting married and having babies, and is now [...]

Win a pair of Alessi Big Love Ice Cream Bowls


If you haven’t yet come across Millys Kitchen Store then you are in for a treat. Millys Store is an absolute treasure trove of kitchen goodies and they have a reputation for selling designer kitchen ware at budget prices.  Millys Store has a price promise guarantee and a huge range and is well worth a [...]

My instagram date photography project


I have 2 new interests this year and both of them make me extremely happy.   The first is pgotography. I bought myself a lovely camera in early summer and I have fallen in love with taking pictures. For health reasons I have had to slow down this year and photography works well with that. [...]

How to make my kitchen extra special


I love my kitchen and spend a great deal of time in there. It is big  and bright and uncluttered (well apart form my desk in the corner!) I cook and do the laundry in there, I work at a desk in the corner of the room. We eat in there, my children do their [...]

Learning to Read with the Oxford Reading Tree


The Oxford Reading Tree is considered to be the UK’s number one reading programme. Both of my gorgeous children have followed this reading programme through their early years at school and loved it. They are both avid and able readers now but had different journeys despite sharing the same path. F zoomed through the books [...]

Nottingham Comic Convention


This weekend we are off to the Nottingham Comic Convention. My son is a MASSIVE Beano fan and loves comics. The convention takes place at Saturday 4th October 2014, Nottingham Conference Centre, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham NG1 4BU. You can still buy tickets online and they can be emailed through to you. There will fun activities [...]

Pamper Parcels


Oh my goodness… last week I was sent a little hamper from Pamper Parcels. It was absolutely divine. What a fabulous treat. Pamper Parcels is a new business sent up by the very lovely Rosie Shelly.  It offers a range of gorgeous pamper boxes with carefully selected products so you can enjoy a little me [...]