Where to find brilliant garden inspiration

sail garden

I absolutely adore our garden. It is our space to play, plant grow and relax and it is well used. It is full of little secret areas, it has a pind and a tree house, a quiet space, a teepee and a vegetable patch. Many hours of love and labour have gone into creating it [...]

The Kindness Tree – July

The Kindness tree

No act of kindness, no matter however small, is ever wasted Today in memory of a special lady I was asked to wear blue and perform a random act of kindness. I shall do this of course. Kindness spreads and even after her passing Lorabeth will be remembered through kindness. That is some legacy. I [...]

My Bucket List – 50 things to do before I die

bucket list

Many, many years ago my best friend and I wrote our bucket lists. I have no idea where they are now but I know we have both achieved many things off those lists. Some 25 years later I know it is time to make my new list. I am older, wiser, I have lost those [...]

My dream writing shed

blue T

A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write Source: Etsy A Room of One’s Own is an  essay by Virginia Woolf written back in 1929 . It is a feminist text which argues for a space for women writers within a literary tradition dominated by men. Well [...]

How to Rock a Statement Necklace


  Clothes aren’t as loyal as accessories and if you know how to wear your accessories right, then they are your best friend. After all, accessories are your saviour when it comes to achieving the perfect look for the casual night out or formal dinner. You can grab the best accessory deals with Amazon voucher [...]

An interview with interior designer Anna Palmer


Anna Palmer works as an interior designer for Bathroom Heaven  and also runs her own interior company, Anna Palmer Interiors. Throughout her career she has headed many interior transformations. Her knowledge has also been desired by some of the biggest names in publishing including Huffington Post and the London Metro where topics such as buying [...]

Team Lottery? Boost Your Odds with Syndicates


Almost all of us play the lottery from time to time. After all, it’s fun to dream about winning a jackpot and getting a glass of National Lottery champagne and one of those oversized cheques. But what if there were a simple way to turn that dream into reality? Boost your winning odds by joining [...]

Vintage Country Bouquet by Debenhams Flowers

vintage bouquet

A Flower Delivery is undoubtedly one of my absolutely favourite things to receive. they always make me smile even when they are for review I feel I have just received a massive treat! The vintage country bouquet (£39.99) that I received from Debenhams flowers really was special. It contained white calla lilies, white avalanche roses and [...]

A home decorating visualisation tool

home dec

  I have made so many mistakes when decorating my house in the past.  Thinking I have matched the exact shade of cream blinds to my cream walls for them to just look murky and mismatched. To clash  yellow walls and a mustard blind so badly it looked like a custard explosion. If only you [...]

Stylish Serving Trays

serving trays

I am not the world greatest cook  (though I am trying!) so I  have learned over time to keep it simple, use good ingredients and present it with flair. I do love a little bunch of flowers on the table, good napkins, thought out placemats but I also love a good tray. Having a lovely [...]

Orchids – Art of Life


If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change – anon Last week I was sent some beautiful Orchids to review and style in my home. They were sent form Orchid Info The Art of Life  which is a collaborative orchid campaign from pot orchid growers across the [...]

A week in our garden

pool and tipi

It has been a while since I showed you my week on Instagram and joined in with This Mummy Loves who does that too! I am also joining in with a newer linky called My Week over at Mummy Barrow. We have  had a beautiful week of sunshine here in Nottingham and it has been [...]

A holiday cycling guide to the Algarve


As I’m sure you know we have recently returned from our holiday in the Algarve where we fell in love with the beautiful coastline, it’s rugged rocks and dolphin filled seas, it’s beautiful unspoilt beaches and coves and caves. What a magical place. I know we will go back one day. My children are ken [...]

Wood flooring trends


Do you look at your home floor and think: “I really need something that looks better than this”?! Or maybe your office requires a much need revamp? Wood flooring is a fantastic choice for creating a modern, stylish and practical look. Basically we can split wood flooring into two categories: solid wood flooring and engineered [...]

The benefits of outdoor play tents


Children just love a space of their own don’t they. My two have been building makeshift dens for many years and my daughter in particular loves to do this when she has friends to play. What she likes most is having that little space and place of her own to play, read, write, chat and [...]