Laminate flooring is one of the most popular floor options in Europe, the US, and several other parts of the world. This innovative flooring product was first introduced to the market, in 1977, by the Swedish firm Perstorp. It did not become available in the rest of Europe until 1984,… View Post

Beautiful shutters have always been my favourite way to dress a window. I love their timeless appeal and sleek lack of fussiness. I also think they look very classic and adapt well to their surroundings, enabling a home to look either rustic or elegant, modern or vintage. I remember staying… View Post

A garden room is a great investment As technology has improved over the past decade as well as companies introducing flexible working hours, working from home has become more popular than ever, but finding a separate working environment within the home is not always the best option. Garden rooms and… View Post

London is one of the most exciting capital cities in the world.  It has everything from stunning Royal Parks to spectacular theatres, historical attractions to boutique shops.  Whether you live in or are in London on vacation, why not take some time out to visit a beauty salon? There are… View Post