Flowers in the doorway

I havent joined in Annie’s lovely How does your garden grow? linky for a while even though it is my favourite linky ever! Sadly my back garden is bare and the grass is patchy and apart form a few daffodils amidst straggly grass there is nothing to see here! But to cheer ourselves up we [...]

Motivational (blogging) art by Gabriel Böhmer


I do love art and I adore original art and supporting upcoming artists. I have also been lacking motivation recently. Sometimes what you need  and what you love….. shabam! just come together. I saw a very funky typewriter on Artfinder which I loved by an artist called Gabriel Böhmer. I dithered about buying it (which [...]

How to find the perfect venue


I remember when we were getting married we had everything beautifully and easily arranged. Well almost everything. We used our local church in our parish for the actual wedding. My husbands good friend had a beautiful car so he was our chauffeur for the day! Flowers were from a florist in our neighbourhood we had [...]

All Yellow

yellow dress

I adore Spring. All the brighter colours you suddenly see people wearing just add to the generally feeling of sunshine on its way and flowers blooming. And then it rains. Then the sun peeps through and then it rains. Repeat. Yes British Spring time is unpredictable to say the least! But still, you just have [...]

4 seriously simple steps towards a more eco friendly home.

jumper blue

I was thinking the other day about how much waste we seem to generate in our home. Week in week out we fill our bins and have to go to the tip too. I need to try and do something about it! In terms of being more eco friendly there is a lot we can [...]

Being pampered around the world

unusual pampering treatments

Do you like being pampered? I like a foot spa , a shoulder and neck massage and I like the results of a speedy pedicure (though I do find them a bit ticklish!) I was reading an article the other day about pampering practices across the world and it was full of interesting ideas. In [...]

Hair loss concealer


With advancements in science, it has become easier to avail treatment for hair than ever before. It is true that hair clinics offer many good hair transplant and implant procedures for those with total hair loss or baldness, however there are other interesting options available for those who are experiencing thinning hair. One such option [...]

Beautiful Easter Gift Ideas for Children


Right from being really young we discouraged our large family from buying too many Easter eggs for the children. One year they got 10 each. There is no way they could possibly or should possibly eat that many so I had to help them out (and really I do not need the extra calories.) There [...]

5 Lessons for my Children to Live By

lessons to live by

This week I read Pennys lessons learned from her much loved  mother  and I also read Michelle’s post about the legacies she wants to leave her children.  Both pieces of writing moved me greatly and made me reflect on the lessons I have learned and wish to pass on. Michelle challenged others to share the [...]

The staple free stapler from Kokuyo


One of the best things about National Stationery Week blogging is the wonderful new products I am  getting to see. I love this one….. eco friendly funky and useful! Kokuyo is Japans leading stationery brand and it has just launched something rather fabulous: the staple free stapler! How cool is that!   It’s so cool [...]

International Makeup Artist Trade Show London 2015


  The International Make-up Artists Trade Show (IMATS) returns to the London Olympia  for another year of beauty, education, inspiration, and the hottest innovations in make-up technology. The show becomes more popular every year and has become the international cornerstone for education in make-up. Once again, it will be packed with top make-up artists, beauty [...]

Zebra Pens Giveaway #getkidswriting

zebra pens

  proud sponsors of #nationalstationeryweek #nsw Do you think  being so screen savvy so young is stopping children today loving writing? I think it is a little. As a write myself i encourage my kids wherever possible . My daughter loves to write and will write long (slightly odd) fabulous stories. My son is a [...]

Artistry Make Up Review

eye crayon1

I always wear make up these days, just some light foundation a slick of pinky toned lipstick and a little black mascara. I pretty much have always worn the same colours ever since I was a teen. I occasionally swapped bronzer for pink blush but that is about it! I was delighted when Artistry asked [...]

Elle MacPherson Foot Spa Review


Oh my weary feet after standing for hours cheering on football matches, trudging along on the school run and freezing my little toes by watching the kids for hours on the park, I have lusted after a foot spa for quite some time and I was delighted to be sent The Elle Macpherson aromatherapy foot [...]

The Most Wearable Spring 2015 Trends


Winter is still biting at our fingers and toes, meaning we’re all bundled up with coats and scarves. Although thankfully, Spring is just around the corner! The season brings blooming flowers and the promise of warmer temperatures, but most importantly, the chance to expand our wardrobes with new fashion pieces. Stores have had their sales [...]