Mothers Day Flowers and 40% discount code for Appleyard London

lux roses

There are few things in life  that delight me as much as beautiful flowers (apart from friends and family and a good book) Being sent flowers just warms my heart and make me smile all day. I think flowers make a house look like a home; loved, happy and cared for. When I was asked [...]

Mooncats amazing scarves


One of the things I love most about blogging is being introduced to new fashion brands particularly when they have really lovely and great value products. Well this month I was introduced to Mooncats. Mooncats is a lovely sites that sells all sorts of hats scarves and gloves. Let me show you some of my [...]

Fun flooring


So what are is your flooring like? Mine goes a bit like this…wood, laminate, wood, oatmeal coloured carpet, brown carpet, oatmeal carpet, grey bathroom tiles. All very neutral and yes perhaps a little bit dull if I am truthful. Chosen for practicality and blendibility. Dullsville flooring. Most of my friends have much the same. I [...]

New year, new approach to finances

3 £20 notes in a jar

Let’s face it, sorting out your finances is usually top of everyone’s New Year resolutions. And every year, around let’s say February or March, it seems to have dropped off. So this year, why not break the tradition, bite the bullet and start now to give your family finances an overhaul that will last the [...]

Tips to utilise the space in a small bathroom

space in a small bathroom

In an ideal world, all bathrooms would be luxuriously huge with the shower a few steps from the bath a few steps from the toilet a few steps from the washbasin, and storage space at an absolute premium to neatly hide all the items you don’t want on show. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case [...]

How to be your True Self


I have often wondered what people mean when they say they want to find their true self. I have always been a very genuine person. I can say hand on heart that I have no pretensions so surely that means I am my own true self..right? Except lately I have been wondering. I was always [...]

Drama on the Park

park drama

I was in the park yesterday with my youngest who was riding her bike as I ambled along. The sky was blue and white the grass green and the bright colours of kites, footballs and children playing  lit up the scene. I suddenly realized how far she was ahead of me. How capable and competent [...]

How to teach children we rise by lifting others

we rise by lifting others

  I learned long ago that in lifting others up, supporting them, cheering them on and helping them we also rise. This is a lesson I want my children to know  and to understand deep in their hearts, In giving of themselves they are not draining themselves or losing something, in fact it is the [...]

Quinn’s Storyelling Cushions by Andy Hau

Quinn cushion

These cushions are a bit special. They are like a book in cushion form! London designer Andy Hau has just launched his quirky cushion collection on Not On The High Street one of my absolutely favourite places to shop. The collection is called Tales from the War and other short stories and each of the four cushions shows an [...]

How to select the perfect Ceiling Light

c light

  Do you know just how to select the perfect ceiling light for your home? The first thing to consider is how that lighting will be used.  There are three typical kinds of home lighting: task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Task lighting should be bright enough to help one see well the job [...]

Back to the Feature Wall


Interior design is all about bringing your unique sense of style to the space in which you live. Unfortunately, all too often, people shy away from leaving their mark, sticking with safe magnolias, whitewash emulsions and copy-and-paste blank spaces which neutralise all vestiges of personality, energy or warmth. One way to add drama to a [...]

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Warm on a Budget


I hate feeling cold. I have been know to type in fingerless gloves and a bobble hat in order to keep warm. Heating bills can be huge but they really don’t need to be . Thought and creativity are required to banish the bills and the cold! It is not too hard to heat your [...]

The love sculpture

love sculpt

Sorry its not a great photo but I just had to show it you anyway because I think the sculpture  just lovely! This week I was reviewing Eden Hall Day Spa (which is glorious) and set in the most wonderful Nottinghamshire countryside. As I was leaving I glimpsed this gorgeous love statue and it really [...]

Team Honk Danceathon: 18 bloggers share their ’18 and happy song’


So the Team Honk danceathon is happening soon and it’s made me think about dancing! When I was 18 I spent most Saturday nights at the Irish club in Nottingham dancing to the Waterboys or to James (sitting down on  sticky lager wet floor). I loved it there. The song that always made everyone jump [...]

Artificial Grass – What’s all the fuss about?


Artificial Grass keeps cropping up wherever I go – shows, magazines and even on the radio. But what’s all the fuss about? My initial reaction to Artificial Grass is that it sounds tacky, it sounds like the sort of thing a green grocer uses to display their fruit and veg. We’ve all seen sorry looking [...]