How to Clean Your Most Finicky Household Items


        Fresh juice, fresh coffee, and a nice hot shower must be amongst the most heavenly delights that your home has to offer. But when it comes to cleaning your juicer, coffee maker and shower head, that delight turns to dismay. So here’s a guide to cleaning the most finicky of household [...]

Courgette fritters


As you know I am on a journey to learn to cook wholesome home-made veggie food for my family. This week I decided to try my hand at courgette fritters. I have a fabulous foodie friend called Helen who writes at The Crazy Kitchen and she pointed me in the right direction of a good [...]

Which pair of sunglasses do you like best ?


Recently I was sent a couple of pairs of lovely sunglasses and as is the way of things it has rained ever since. Sigh Blooming British Springtime!!   I absolutely cannot decide which ones I like best so I posted them on instagram and overwhelmingly people opted for the top pair which I thigh t [...]

An all white thrifty flower display


I love white flowers I think they have a serenity to them. I was looking to create a mantel display of all white flowers but I was unsure where to start or if would cost me a fortune, Would you believe the display I am about to show you was not only super simple but [...]

The best garden tips 2015


When decorating a room in your house, you want to make sure it gives off the tone and vibe that corresponds with the style of your home, and the same rules should apply when it comes to your garden. Think about it this way, not everyone has the luxury of a garden, so if you [...]

Fabulous floor tiles


I have pretty shoddy laminate in my kitchen and it is looking rather dated. I have been longing to change it for a while, but to be honest I have been waiting for inspiration to strike. I was thinking maybe wooden flooring or perhaps a piece of vinyl. I hadn’t really considered tiles till I [...]

Win a Sweet Nothings Hamper from Serenata Flowers


I have just received this gorgeous sweet nothings trug from Serenata Flowers. Oh it is just filled with delightful sweet treats. It includes yummy chocolates, cherry and choc chip English biscuits and creamy fudge which I have to say were all completely delicious.   As well as these sweet treats there is also a lovely [...]

Rich Leek Tart

rich leek tart

I am scared of cooking. I get panicky and anxious. I never seem to have the right ingredients in. I often over or under cook dishes. I despair of the mess. We are vegetarian and I cook a lot of quorn and processed foods like ready made pies. We eat a lot of veg, salad [...]

Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket


I have just been sent one of these beautiful water hyacinth laundry baskets to review from The Basket Company. It is hand made form water hyacinth and has a lovely white wash to it that gives shabby chic effect. It comes with a handy washable lining and a lid with a faux lather handle.  It looks [...]

Cool and Quirky Interiors

funky lamp

LOVEThESIGN have over 8000 products in their cool and quirky interiors store online,they feature over 200 of the most innovative brands and designers from across Italy and the world. Their coolhunters clearly know their stuff and their are some amazing pieces in this very fun and funky store. I love how easy the site is [...]

An English Country Garden

English country garden

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us. ~Iris Murdoch   I was pottering around watering some plants in my in laws beautiful garden when I caught this view and thought it looked like a perfect painting. Oh I do [...]

How to Make Flower Lollipops

flower lollipops

Last week I was over at my thrifty blog Thrifty Home discussing some new garden purchases, one of which was a book called Simple Flower Arranging (Dk) It has the most gorgeous arrangements in and flower arranging is something I have always been keen to do. I have always loved flowers. Later in the week [...]

Seeing the beautiful

wild garlic

This week my entire green house blew down, breaking up all the seeds I had planted This week my son cycled for the first time on the road. This week I really desperately missed my mum This week I saw some amazing art that inspired my soul In each time of difficulty there is often [...]

Bingo through the ages


My granny loved her bingo and during my childhood it was quite a granny thing to do. It has changed so much and has a very different audience today, take look at ….. Find the original source here *Always gamble responsibly and just for fun     pls see my disclosure policy    

Bespoke and Fun Family Portraits from Flossy and Jim


I am just so happy to introduce you to the rather wonderful artists that are Flossy and Jim. ‘Flossy and Jim’ live in a colourful seaside harbour and you can find this reflected in their art. Their aim is to… make the world a happier and sunnier place with their illustration and designs. They illustrate [...]