The worlds smallest park

smallest park

Storytelling and gardening are probably two of my most favourite things I have always been a fan of Edward Lear and love tales that are rather silly. This is one I adore. Over in Portland in the US is the Guinness world record holding ‘worlds smallest park.’ The story starts 1946, when journalist Dick Fagan [...]

How to make your living space flow from indoor to outdoor

yellow flowers

I really like homes to look like the outside and the inside belong together. Do you know what I mean? For example if I was to into a cosy looking cottage I would want it to feel cosy and cottagey.I would expect sweet little nooks and crannies, low beams, old stone fireplaces and maybe even [...]

Saving tips for each season of the year

As the year unfolds and the seasons change, there is a range of things that you can do to reduce energy costs and live more sustainably. Across the whole year: Of course, there are ways to save energy and money all year round. Many people are now reaping the rewards that come from having solar [...]

Beautiful Things by Emma Vanstone


Emma Vanstone is a very popular and successful  blogger at Mummy…Mummy..MUM!! about all things parenting and Her other wonderful award winning blog Science Sparks is her creative outlet for science fun with children. Emma is a gentle, kind and unassuming lady with a passion for educating kids and encouraging them to see the wonders of [...]

My Beautiful Things by Lucy AitkenRead


Ah Lucy. Lucy is the most wonderful writer, a staunch feminist and peace activist, a very funny lady and a warm and wise mother. She has inspired me, made me laugh and made me think. She is a lady who lives her dreams and her values. I am glad I know her. Lucy has blogged [...]

How to Create a Beautiful and Productive Home Study

Whether you’re using your study to bring work home from the office or for personal projects, it brings with it an opportunity to design and create a beautiful environment perfectly suited to channelling your creative output. Light and Airy Eschew clinical office designs and create a personal space full of energy and inspiration. Make the [...]

It’s time to get healthy


I have been quite unexpectedly unwell this year and as a result have really piled on the pounds. Not just a few..quite a lot and it’s not making me feel good. Being ill was a bit of a shock as I have always been so full of energy and life and being restricted to a [...]

Kokosonto: Bespoke textile prints for home furnishings


I love to support and showcase new ventures and Kokosonto is really exciting.   They sell a range of beautiful fabrics and home accessories. Abiola, a textile design graduate  launched Kokosonto in 2011.  She works from original, hand-drawn sketches and the finest quality digitally printed fabric. She takes her inspiration from the shapes and shades [...]

Design inspiration for your home

design inspiration for your home

I’m sure you all know by now that I love interior design and  find inspiration everywhere. I love to find new resources that lead to new ideas If you are looking to find some inspiration redesigning you home then the folks over at Best Heating have come up with just the guide for you. Best [...]

My dream lounge

My dream lounge

I found a lovely competition over at Little Stuff to design my dream room My dream lounge would be  full of vivid colour against bright white walls and blinds.  Full of zest and energy but calming in its simplicity. Fresh but warm and cosy too.If money were no object and I could create exactly what [...]

Beautiful Things by Ellie Aindow


Lovely Ellie  blogs over at The Mummy Diary, she originally setup the blog as a place to anonymously write down her thoughts and feelings after a few traumatic years with post natal depression. It then turned into a document of family life and more recently she ‘came out’ announcing her blog to family and friends [...]

A Rose

a rose

I often think we are so dazzled by the amazing colours and fragrances of roses we forget to look at quite how perfectly they are created. With people too, strip back the make up, the hairstyles and the lovely clothes and you often find a quieter beauty Linking up with…  

Creating a beautfiul bedroom for my daughter

cabin bed

My daughter is growing up and is moving away from the pinks and the fairies and flowers and the butterflies that filled her younger years. At 7 she has started to be interested in music and writing stories and her hair!  Her bedroom doesn’t seem to reflect who she is anymore and I think it [...]

Our happy place

ninja fairy

We have been having so much fun in the garden so far these summer holidays. Last week saw an hour long awesome water fight Nature crafting with air drying clay Collecting pretty flowers to press and generally having great fun. Then at the end of each day our garden gives me space to relax and [...]

Win a beautiful make up mirror from Pebble Grey

make up mirror

I beleive the perfect bathroom is one that is light bright and airy. Whatever style you choose should reflect what you like. Mine is white bright and uncluttered. Easy to clean is a must. Bathrooms ultimately must be practical places where we can get clean and made up with all the conveniences we need to [...]