My vintage snow girl

snow girl

This snow girl belonged to my granny and grandad. She always looked a little too cool for Christmas even back in the seventies when I remember seeing her and a few of her pals each year on the tree in their living room. Their living room well I remember it. Never changing really through [...]

Amazing Spaces Nestled in Nature

tree house

For many, the words “treehouse”, “hideout” and “hideaway” all trigger happy childhood memories. Whether it’s a few planks resting along the branches of a tree in the back garden, or a cavernous shrub that’s just the right size for hosting an imagined tea party, the joy of owning a private space in nature is a [...]

Decorate Your Bedrooms on the Cheap!


Source As times and tastes change with regards to design, the need to redecorate one’s bedroom becomes a rather pressing issue. Although our boudoirs act as a canvas upon which we express our own loves, styles and tastes, as beautiful new styles come to the fore we all often feel the need deep within us [...]

Should Your Home Be Greener?

planter yellow

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Ah, another article about being environmentally responsible and doing my bit for the planet”, and in some ways I suppose you could say that, but this article is in fact more about you, and could result in you and your family leading a happier and healthier life. So what [...]

How to find the right hair salon for you


All of a sudden at the start of the summer my hairdressers closed. It’s local salon to me I have been going for years and I was really happy with it. I popped along to make an appointment and it was filled with builders who apparently were turning it into a cafe. Oh the shock! [...]

The Beauty of Cornwall


New build homes across the county of Cornwall have become increasingly popular since the beginning of 2014. In towns such as: Duporth, Grampound, Portreath, Truro, Wadebridge and Pool, are proving to be some of the most popular destinations for families across the length and breadth of the UK to set up home. Brand new home [...]

How to Create a Warm Bathroom in Winter

dressing gown

Winter is most certainly upon us, and whilst many are getting excited about wrapping up for the festive season and snuggling up to a hot water bottle at night, there may be some who are dreading the cold. If you’re one of the ones who simply hates to be chilly, you’ll know that there’s nothing [...]

How to Make the Outside of Your Home Beautiful

planter yellow

When we think about decorating, we tend to focus on the inside of the house. You probably spent weeks deciding on a colour for  the feature wall in the living room, or hours browsing the net to find the perfect bedding, but we rarely pay as much attention to the outside of our homes. Working [...]

How Do I Choose an Estate Agent ?

house image

Selling your home can be a stressful experience indeed, and often takes many months to complete. This means that you’re going to be dealing with your estate agent quite a lot, and there is a lot of money at stake; they need to be up to your standards. Having said that, it’s not always straightforward [...]

How to Implement Timeless Interior Design in Your Home


Timeless design is built to last and keeps a home looking fresh through the years. A timeless look is not a temporary trend, but a classic style that will remain relevant, functional and sophisticated. This type of design involves choosing a mix of old and new, carefully selecting colour schemes and thinking about the longevity [...]

Getting a Conservatory: What Do You Need to Consider?


If your home is short on space, then adding a conservatory usually works out as a far more effective solution than moving to a bigger property. You might also choose one for slightly more romantic reasons – to allow you to enjoy your garden come winter, for example, or as a place to drink a [...]

A home adapted to your needs

Premier Bathroom

What is the most important thing for you about you home? I am a big believer in a home being beautiful and looking how you want it too. I believe it should capture the spirit of the family who live there and really represent them. I believe a home should be welcoming and comfortable and [...]

A Beautiful Advent Calendar


This  year our advent calendar comes courtesty of Jen  at Love chic living the stylish interiors blogger and (lucky me) my good friend. As you would expect it is one classy advent calendar and hails from the Handpicked Collection. I am rather in love with it and so are the children. I love that we [...]

Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit Review


I love my nails to look nice but to be honest they don’t often do ! I am not great at sitting still and to be honest going to get my nail done seems a real faff to me plus it can be expensive. I have had gel nails in the past and really loved [...]

Elle Macpherson Wet and Dry Brush Set Review


Elle Macpherson Wet and Dry Brush Set I ma not great at taking care of my skin. A quick make up removing wipe and a smear of any moisturizer I can find usually does the job for me. But sadly my skin is not getting any younger (I feel 18!) and I need to start [...]