A Beautifully Styled Kitchen Table

I have been admiring the personalised table mats over at Scarlett Willow and am most tempted by them. I do love a beautifully dressed table.

How special would people feel to have an initialised placemat at your table, they would feel so welcome! one for each member of your family is more humble idea but still adorable!


These come in coral, pink dark green and pale get. How elegant!

Taking personalized placemats to an even greater degree are these photographic placemats. These could evoke happy memories, great means you have cooked, fun family times pr individual family members.

Personalised Placemats

To accompany these stunning placemats I would of course need lovely tableware




It all looks so divinely civilized not like the chaos that reign here in the mornings! My goodness my children  wake up o n Monday with VERY BIG voices. Maybe such an inviting breakfast table would calm them down.

In terms of kitchen accessories  I am rather taken by the coloured glass at Scarlett Willow and by the warm wood,

Curvy Acrylic JugLittle Lamp Candle HolderOil DispenserDiamante acrylic tumblerFacet tealight holder

These would be like jewels on your kitchen table particularly amidst candle light. And I think these colours bring a very festive look too.

I am also loving the simplicity of the wooden accessories

Oak Wine Rack Oak Egg Rack Walnut Tray Olive Wood Salt Keeper

So classy.

Yes I do like a beautiful table, I think meals times should be a time to come together, relax and enjoy yourselves and the prettier and more attractive the table the more conducive it is to that .

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