Beautiful Bathroom Vanities

Every couple of years (usually in the summer months) I take stock of my house and think about what needs doing. Then the room that brings me least joy gets earmarked for the next makeover.

This year it has to be the turn of my bathroom.

My bathroom is looking a bit jaded and very cluttered and rather badly in need of an update and I have been searching for inspiration on how to redesign it.

At the moment it is white throughout, which I do like, but it is lacking rather a lot in storage something which I need to address.

Extra hooks over the door will definitely help for towels and bathrobes. A good declutter would not go amiss either.

I do need to think about sourcing a bathroom vanity. Space is very limited in our bathroom and this would solve a lot of our issues

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Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity is the combination of the bathroom sink or basin and the storage that surrounds it. Our current sink has no storage round it and this un-utilised space would be most handy ofr spare soap and toilet rolls and shampoo and the like.  

Vanities come in all sorts of shapes and designs.

I am rather loving the dash of red in the featured vanity (above) that adds a little pop of colour to the bathroom.  I also like the idea of the vanity being on the wall so that the floor underneath can be kept clean.

Aren’t they stylish?

I do like good looking storage.

So my bathroom plans are beginning to take shape. As ever, it is simple solutions that will make a big difference to a small room, freeing up space through clever design.



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