Bits of lovely #5

Well it has been a week of glorious sunshine and  we’ve been busy doing nothing. Here are my favourite bits of lovely from my week.

In the kitchen

Despite he sunnier days I have been enjoying my time in the kitchen more and more and my littlest has also started to develop a real love for baking. She is as messy as cook as me thought but I just let her get on with it and try and not disturb her creativity in flow. Plus, she does make seriously good brownies.


I tried my hand at asparagus quiche and potatoes skins and a creamy dip this week. Will share the recipes soon! It’s taken me 40 years but I do feel finally I am falling in love with cooking.

Music. to work to

What music do you work to?. Sometimes when I need to move it I listen to Vivaldi, if what i am writing it’s long and complicated then I tend to listen to Chopin.

I find words pretty distracting when I am writing. How about you?

Vintage Sunnies

Opposite the train station in Nottingham  ( I am so sorry I simply cannot remember the shops name) there is a wonderful vintage shop on 4 floors with a lovely cafe. I stopped in last week on my way home form Luton and bought these rather lovely sunglasses. Definitely need them too. Aren’t they cool and a snip at £5

sunnies, bits of lovely

Spring essentials

I was bought a pair of white Vans for Christmas and oh they have come in to their own over these last few weeks. I do think they may be my favourite shoes ever. I have been teaming them with this lovely combo from Joules and  I think it is a perfect Spring outfit

Spring essentials from Joules


Sunshine is the weather for ambling in and this past weekend we walked around Nottingham University lake stopping ever so many times in order to admire the amazing scenery and architecture,  the baby ducks and for the children to climb the many glorious trees.


It is so lovely to just amble with nothing in particular to do . One of my very favourite things.


Tell me something lovely from your week …

Becky x



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