Bromley House Library in Nottingham

I have lived in Nottingham all my life apart from my University years .  I love Nottingham. It is  a busy bustling modern city, a place of  significant history, full of culture art , literature and music. It is full of amazing sporting heritage and sporting venues and it is a green and glorious too.   Visit,visit visit!

I do wax lyrical about Nottingham because it really is a city to be proud of. I thought I knew all its nooks and crannies and certainly all it’s treasure.

I was wrong.

Why on earth had no one told me about the amazing secret right at the heart of Nottingham City Centre?

Bromley House Library.


Bromley House Library was established 200 years ago and is an  independent lending library. It is one of a very few  remaining subscription libraries in the country.  It is hidden behind a lovely door on a very modern high street. You would not spot it if you did not know it was there.

The library houses around 40,000 books which are spread over three floors of a Grade II* listed gorgeous Georgian townhouse.
I was so delighted to be offered a tour and I just fell in love with the old world feel of the place and the beautiful reading rooms.
There is also a stunning beautiful walled garden, one of only two in the city centre. The perfect place to read to take a stroll and clear your head!
The library is so peaceful and utterly charming retaining many of of its original features. It is full of charming stories from times gone by and has an interesting and colourful history.
It is  a break form the hectic world  to work, relax or read. You need to be a member to use it. Membership costs from April 1st 2016 is £96.00 per year.
I am very tempted, I am starting a course in September that will requite a lot of study. Having a beautiful quiet place to study (instead of the corner of my kitchen) would be fabulous.
Bromley House Library is well worth a visit. During 2016 they offer free guided tours lasting around an hour every Wednesday afternoon at 2.30 pm and 4.00 pm..


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