Wednesday Wisdom #3

shoot for the moon

Wednesday Wisdom #2

book quote

I love this quote ….it draws together two of my most favourite things. It is actually an old Chinese proverb. I need more time in my life for both gardening and reading . Both feed and nurture my soul.  

Wednesday Wisdom #1

Earth laughs



Why Loyalty Matters


Loyalty is a quality that means a huge deal to me. I was raised by a mother who was endlessly loyal, steadfast and reliable. You could be certain she would love you and be there for you no matter what. It is an absolute gift to be bought up with such surety. It has made [...]

We need to talk about good things

talking about our problems

I read a post today on a blog that contained 60 tiny love stories., It made me feel happy, energized, warm, delighted, inspired and it restored my faith. I also watched the news for 10 minutes, it made me sad, scared, worried, anxious and frightened. Yes we should voice our troubles get comfort and support. [...]

Contagious Creativity

Creativity is contagious

My son painted this picture when he was 5 years old. He had been told by his teacher to draw a house in plain pencil.   He however quite rightly lived in a world of colour. That year he got a grade C in art, apparently he wasn’t great at following direction.Artists don’t follow direction [...]

Make a winter warming parcel

winter warming parcel

  Linking this up to festive friday over at Thinly Spread where all things festive happen. What could be more festive than sharing a winter warming parcel and spreading goodwill ? xxxx

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