Classic Kitchenware from House of Fraser

I love simple kitchens filled with practical and quality items that make life easier and are easy on the eye too.

House of Fraser’s  kitchen accessories fit my requirements exactly. I am so delighted with the quality and the style of the items we reviewed I am delighted to share the  with you.



Classic Kitchen Accessories from House of fraser
1. The non- stick frying pan is awesome, so far we have made omelettes, bubble and squeak, veggie bacon and eggs and have needed no fat all and it has worked beautifully. It is heavy stylish, generously sized and perfect.  £30
2. The measuring cups stack beautifully and are really  handy. With more and more recipes calling for weight in cups these have become kitchen essentials and what a lovely space saving way to store them. The Dickins and Jones milk bottle measuring cups cost £14
3. These lovely ceramic bowls complete with chicken motif are sturdy, useful and complete country kitchen classics. Prices vary. I adore them! They make me feel like a proper baker even if my cakes flop.

4. This is such a lovely Grey and Willow laundry hamper it has striped stitch detailing and handles which are great for carrying washing to your machine and loading back up again. I love its neutral look and it is really good quality.

A lovely range of items from House of Fraser for a classic kitchen look.

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