Creating space in a small bedroom.

I have a lovely bedroom. It is peaceful and tranquil; a safe haven in our lively, loud home full of bold primary colours, kids, too many books and chaos.

We only decorated last year and we purposely tried to create it as a calm, serene place.

Our bedding is plain and white and even our wall pictures are simple typography. I was looking for a vintage, French feel with a sense of space. I wanted it to be totally different from the rest of the house. A place I could escape too.


We do have a little TV in put bedroom and I would so love to get rid of it but my husband wont hear if it as he likes it on when he goes to sleep.

We wallpapered only one wall and we painted the rest a very relaxed pale blue. We have neutral lampshade and cushions in there o that if we decide to change the decor the accessories can remain. I am not really one for patterns I get bored or they irritate me and make me anxious. I know that may sound a little weird!  I couldn’t live with fuss in my bedroom.

I actually got suggestions from a John Lewis home adviser on how to style the room and he loved our furniture particularly the lovely real wood but he did suggest we invest in a new custom made wardrobe  as our wooden one was rather big and bulky and didn’t really ‘fit’ with the room.

No w I do like our bedroom furniture  We have had it over 1 2 years and it is wood  and solid and useful . It is also nice and plain which I like. The problem however really is space. For a start the wardrobe isn’t really big enough ( my other half has about 30 shirts!) and secondly it is rather bulky in such a small room.


Someone recently suggested to me that a made to measure sliding wardrobe might really free up some room. I hadn’t considered this before but I had a little browse on Pinterest and saw some wonderful examples of blue wardrobes. I love Pinterest for a bit of inspiration don’t you!

I’m wondering what else we can do to create space in here. I think a sliding wardrobe is actually great idea and maybe a big mirror up on the wall to let in more light?

Keeping it tidy is key to making it look more spacious and although these pictures don’t suggest it we are not great at keeping things tidy. Must try harder.


What other ways can you think of to free up space in this tiny room?

 creating space in a small bedroom


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