Dreaming of a New Kitchen Table

I have been dreaming of a new dining table/kitchen table for the last 3 years. Mine is child wrecked and battered and not in a rustic, vintage, lovely, family way. Nope, in a  looks a bit horrid and was cheap in the first place way.
The problem I have is I am unsure what I want.
My kitchen is cream with a laminate floor . I like the white clean look. I like colourful  bright chairs and a modern gloss look. I like wood and simple rustic styles too. Oh dear..not a clue really.
We eat, do homework and craft at our kitchen table so it has to be hardy. Maybe gloss just wouldn’t do.
It’s a big expense so I want to  get it right.
What do you think? I need help!
Dreaming of a New Dining Table


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  1. May 24, 2015 / 5:51 pm

    Kitchen table set looks awesome in the right kitchen i like some of the sets that i have seen on here,the only problem i have is the lack of space.
    I prefer a wood varnish table and chairs in a farmhouse style the Milton white is growing on me slowly and is reasonably priced and is easy and attractive to the eye.

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