Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture from Habitat

This week we have been perusing Habitat’s outdoor furniture range and it really is superb.

As the sunshine slowly seeps into our days and Spring comes to life around us, little by little we are beginning to spend more time in our garden. It has not survived the winter too well and the lawn in looking bare. We need a lot of new plants and oh dear the state of our garden furniture. Our large wooden table and chairs could have done with being covered over winter and the rust on our metal table and chairs make it looks so shoddy.

We needed something new and we needed something that would weather really well.

Browsing the Habitat range we saw lots so lovely pieces of garden furniture that would have fitted really happily into our garden and just had the edge on traditional pieces.

Let me show the items we liked the most (there is a wide range so do have a good browse yourself.)

How cool is this red metal bench. It also comes in a lovely green.


red metal bench

I love the sleek and modernist look and the shot of colour.

Or how about these floral chairs..you can get matching loungers too and these would give a cheery and tropical look to your garden.

floral chair

Very funky!

For something a little more sophisticated this rattan chaise would be just perfect! You would just need big shades and a white kaftan and a cocktail to complete the look.

rattan chaise

I also really loved these Tico benches and table made of sleek light fibrestone


This is exactly my kind of table, minimal and natural looking and simple.

The range we chose to review has similar elegant lines and looks so natural it is just part of the landscape. The Galet range is just gorgeous and we fell in love with this concrete table and chairs straight-away.



The Galet round concrete garden table is a compact design that’s perfect for smaller outdoor spaces.
It is exclusive to Habitat and has matching stools.

This was the one for us and we knew exactly where we were going to be putting it.

A year of so ago my husband created a secret garden for me at the very end of our lawn. It is hidden by a bush. It is  tiny, private and a little haven away from the outside world. I absolutely adore our secret garden.

The metal furniture we had placed in there was a cheap set to  begin with and it had not stood up to well to the weather.

secret garden

This is the secret garden area and how it looks in summer…the perfect little area to escape too. I have sat down here with a notebook and planned short stories, written poems and conjured lots of blogging ideas. It really is a haven. The concrete furniture would blend beautifully.

It arrived complete in one piece so no effort was required in assembling (that always makes me so happy!) and oh how immediately it slotted right in, as if has always been there.

conc 1

I think it looks just perfect and I am so pleased with it. Really sleek and simple. I think it is going to become my most favourite place to be.


I also think it should stand the test of time really well. Regular dusting with a dry cloth is recommended and to remove any stubborn stains you just  wipe over with a damp cloth and washing up liquid.


It is perfect.

Is your garden in the process of being spruced up for Spring?

Sweetpea planting next here!




We received the table and chairs for purpose of review. Opinions, as always, are our own


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