How to keep your home cool and fresh

Even though summer is coming to an end it’s been ‘muggy’ the last few days here, hot and sticky and unpleasant. This often happens late summer doesn’t it, but oh it is just so uncomfortable. It gives me a headache and makes me feel all sorts of lethargic.

Being inside can be a cool and refreshing haven or hot sticky and unpleasant depending on how you air your home. keep your home cool

Here are my top 5 tips for keeping your home cool and fresh:

  • Keep it clean. Clean  homes without dust or musty carpets feel fresher, clean floors and surfaces just add to a pleasant aroma and feeling of lightness in the home.
  • Consider using an air fragrance of some kind. I really like reed diffusers but sprays or plugs of a fresh scent can really combat a lack of freshness. I like clean linen but anything light will work.
  • Fans  directed at you as you work or cook can really make a difference in stuff home.
  • When it comes to  air conditioning Brisbane and other  hot cities have it sorted, here in the UK where hot days are sporadic at best, we are not so well set up.  But is it so important to have cool air so keep your windows open I say and do crank up your cars air conditioning when you are out and about.
  • Last but not least do keep your internal doors open so rooms don’t get stuffy and air can circulate

I think I would perhaps also dress lightly and drink a lot of water and have cold (ish) shower – for if you feel cool your home most probably will do too.

Hope this all helps (and if it doesn’t I’d aim to find a nice little cafe with air conditioning!)


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