Inspiring Locations for the Aspiring Minimalist

The world is hectic right now. It’s fast-moving, it’s swirling with information and events, it’s swept along by a quickening pace that quickens your pulse. The colours are bright, the noises are loud, and we are surrounded. Sometimes, you just need less.



 Minimalist interiors might be considered modern, but I consider them something of an antidote to modern life. Their clean lines and uncluttered spaces provide a much-needed contrast to the demands of a hectic world. If you feel squashed out of shape by the pressures of a world that doesn’t switch off, think about making your home somewhere where you at least can do so. Here are three simple tips to get you started on your minimalist adventure:


  1. Have a Clear Out

Studies have shown that the more you surround yourself with things and the more clutter you embrace, the more chaotic you’ll feel. The catharsis of clearing your desk at the end of a work day, stacking your papers neatly and arranging your stationery, is not to be underestimated. The same principle can be extended to your home. Clear surfaces and an absence of unnecessary trinkets are the interior design equivalent of mindfulness. There’s a reason Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Magical Art of Tidying’ is a bestseller. Kondo advocates getting rid of anything in your home that doesn’t bring you joy, and promises you’ll feel lighter and happier afterwards. It’s a modern reworking of William Morris’ age-old adage of not possessing anything that isn’t either beautiful or useful, and it’s appealing to a whole new generation. So, before you start trying to tackle a minimalist look, make sure that you have a clear out and get rid of all of those little bits and bobs you don’t like or never use.



  1. Know When To Stop

There’s nothing boring about minimalism. It’s an absolute art. To be able to say stop, that’s enough, to step back and appreciate an empty space without an overwhelming desire to fill it up again, to create beauty and calm. Don’t feel that because you’ve got rid of a load of your old stuff that you didn’t like, you need to rush out and buy a load of stuff that you do. Appreciate the blank space you’ve created. Minimalism can make just one perfect piece stand out, no longer lost in clutter and chaos. The books in this amazing house in East London become works of art, a design library. I can imagine myself curled up in a chair in that room, thumbing through a classic and just switching off from the roar of the outside world.



  1. Embrace colour – really!


Minimalism doesn’t mean you lose colour. It’s not a draining away of bold hues, but often a focus upon them. The orange of this sofa and the edgy, striking black of the wood burning stove absolutely sing in contrast to their gentler surroundings. Colour becomes something so much more when it’s allowed to stand out rather than fighting for attention. Choose one or two statement pieces and pare everything else back. It doesn’t have to be as large as a sofa – a painting or a vase can provide an impact against a calming white background.


Minimalist interiors are the perfect remedy to this turbulent, confusing, messy modern world. They might not be for everyone, but I defy anyone not to feel just that little bit calmer after looking at them. Now, imagine living in one and get on with that clear-out…


Image credits go to 1st Option – London location agency






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