Oreck Magnesium RS Vacuum Cleaner Review

I have never once in my entire life got excited about cleaning so being asked if I want to review a vacuum cleaner does not make me whop with joy. To be honest it made me sigh..quite a lot. Our old vacuum cleaner had bitten the dust and was no more, so really I had to say yes.

The vacuum cleaner I was sent to review as an Oreck. I had never heard of them but honestly I know nothing about cleaning so it is not really a surprise. Apparently they are a premium vacuum brand and  their machines are supposed to be lighter better and last longer.


This sounded good!

Oreck are originally an American brand that pioneered more lightweight vacuums in the 60’s and were first used by hotel staff and the like but because they were much better and lighter to use, the demand starting to increase for them to be sold to the public.

The model  I was sent is a  Magnesium RS  which is an ultra-lightweight but powerful bagged vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use and store. It certainly looked swish!


So how did I find it?

Well I wish it stood up by itself and I wish it had a little tool to get down the side of sofas and that the replacement bags were a bit cheaper. BUT, oh my goodness, there was SO much I loved. By far it is the best vacuum I have ever used. My carpet looked amazing after using this and it was so simple and speedy.

Here is what I loved…..

I loved how powerful it was

I loved how it swivelled and was just so easy to swivel round

I loved how lightweight it was – just so easy for me to take upstairs (just 4kg)

I loved that it could lay completely flat and get under the sofa and kitchen table

I loved that it could clean every floor type in my home

I loved that it felt so effortless

I love that the bag is a large capacity and automatically seals to prevent dirt from escaping which is great


I love that the cord length is 9m which is super helpful

I would highly recommend this product.

It costs £249.99 and it has a 6 year guarantee and if Oreck’s reputation is anything to go by it will last far longer than that too!


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