Pocket Watches and the Men in My Life

I love pocket watches

My grandad was often to be seen (I kid you not) with a holey jumper and a tea cosy on his head off fishing. But very occasionally he could be seen in a suit with a waistcoat looking dapper

I saw my grandad almost every day of my childhood because my granny lived in a bed in their living room and was very poorly and we helped take care of her day to day.

My grandad was a brilliant man forced to leave school at 12 and work for tip[s and food to save his family having to feed him. They were extremely poor. He was so smart, bright, quick and really knowledgeable. He was the funniest person I have ever met and he loved me to pieces.

Hew as the hardest worker ever and bought his home and moved his own little family right out of poverty, such a n inspiration.

He used to call me Becky blue eyes and I used to got here after school each day. He taught me about flowers, family responsibility and kindness and by example he taught me patience and how to care gently.

I adored him. When I first started work he began to get frail and I wanted to treat him. he’d never had a pocket watch but he was EXACTLY the kind of man who should have a pocket watch . he was a true gentleman even in his gardening scruffs. I bought him a second hand waistcoat and the very best silver pocket watch I could afford.

Oh he loved that watch so much and when confined to a chair as he became less mobile he would check the time and smile.

Grandad is in heaven now and his watch is wrapped with care and pout a way in my sons treasure box for when he is older. Such a wonderful grandad full of wisdom and fun and love. I was so lucky to have him in my life.

I think it’s time now  my husband had a pocket watch too. Such a lovely time piece and piece of jewellery and so timeless. Maybe a little waistcoat and watch for fathers day from the kids?

Definitely the sign of a true gent.

I am loving this pocket watch from The Watch Hut it is truly lovely. It is a Woodford Gents Pocket Watch made of steel in silver and it’s water resistant and is mechanical. It will definitely last the distance and is great value for just under £50. It also comes in a lovely presentation box.





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