How turn your clutter into cash

Ever wondered how to clutter into cash ?

There are so many shows on TV where they show you the fortunes you can make doing this..but we do not all have the lucury of antiqe experts and free packed auctions to hand do we? So how do we turn clutter into cash ? Well actually it really isn’t that tricky

I’m a a firm believer in the saying that your homes should be full of things that are either beautiful or useful. Preferably both in my book. They should not be full of a mass of mess and clutter and stuff you don’t need , want , use of like. have a read of a book called Stuffocation it addresses this beautifully and is inspiring int he face of clutter. This  weekend I have been madly de-cluttering. The clutter had been getting out of hand and my home was looking like a disorganized mess.

I happily filled charity bags and rubbish bags and a few ‘worth selling’ bags. Blimey the house looked SO much better when I was done.

Have a look at the infographic below to see how to turn your clutter into cash…good luck!


De-clutter your home infographic
De-clutter your home infographic is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree


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