My weight loss journey week 1

Earlier this year (New years day) to be exact, I started Slimming World. I initially had 6 stone 5 lb to lose.  All went really well to begin with and for quite some time.

By Easter I had lost 2 stone and was attending classes every Saturday at 8 am. I was pleased as punch and my health felt so much better. I looked better too and had dropped from a size 20 to a size 16.

Then it all went wrong.

I ate loads of the kids Easter chocolate, went on holiday and came off plan and then I stared skipping sessions. I have now put 1 stone back on. it is amazing how quickly it goes back on.  I feel sluggish and fed up with myself and my back aches again. Just pants.


this week I posted this great quote over on Facebook and I keep thinking about it. It is time to restart my journey and be tenacious.


I have  to look at what worked last time

  • Attending classes no matter what every single week
  • Doing a specific SW shop  every week
  • Doing a meal plan EVERY week
  • Eating breakfast every day

Because these things worked I am going to do all them all again. I am also going to keep a diary  and keep an accountability record here on my blog of my weekly weight loss.

Two of my blogging peers who have both lost around three stone since Christmas, Kate form WitWitWoo and Carol from Lipstick and Lace they both post great pics of how they used to look and how they are doing. I have found their sharing incredibly motivating . So I have decided maybe blogging my journey may help me stay on track too.

So I am starting again. This is my week 1 and today I weigh 14 stone 3. I want to get to 8 stone 10 so I have 5 stone and 5 lb to lose.

I am determined to do this.

I know I can lose the weight. I need to hold on. Just do it each and every day. Stick to what I know works and follow great role models. Stick to the diet. Slimming world works for me.

I’ve got this. I would love you to keep me company on my journey and encourage me  and of course share your slimming tips!


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  1. November 20, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    You’re probably not going to lose weight in a uniform fashion. Your body is NOT a simple machine. You are going to have big losses some weeks, and others will bring small losses, no losses, or gains. This is not necessarily your fault–it can and does happen even if you stay on program. And it doesn’t mean the program is faulty, either–this is normal behavior for the human body. Stick with the program, and over time, you will see more losses than gains. It may be hard to take sometimes, but you will have to get used to this weight loss pattern. It holds true for the majority of people.
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