The worlds smallest park

Storytelling and gardening are probably two of my most favourite things

I have always been a fan of Edward Lear and love tales that are rather silly. This is one I adore. Over in Portland in the US is the Guinness world record holding ‘worlds smallest park.’

The story starts 1946, when journalist Dick Fagan returned from World War II.

 Looking out his window at the Oregon Journal newspaper, he could see a hole in the street where a lamp post was supposed to be put. For some reason this lamp post never arrived. Apparently Fagan got bored of looking at the hole and planted flowers in it. ( I would imagine at a deeper level seeing the grim reality of war made him now long to see a more beautiful world – I’m such a romantic!)

Over time it has had a swimming pool and a ferris wheel (apparently delivered by a normal sized crane) and it has been build added to and altered many times. Tourists travel for miles to see it (and it is in the middle of a really busy intersection)

An incredibly imaginative and proud Irishman, Fagan wrote about the park in his newspaper column weaving tales of leprechauns who lived there.

Guinness proclaimed Mill Ends Park the world’s smallest park in 1971.  Many dispute if it can actually be called a park but who cares about that. I love this story of the world’s smallest park  and when did fact ever stop a good story. Fagan was a journalist remember.

How such a tiny bit of green has made so many people smile really warms my heart.

What a funny little story.

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The world's smallest park