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10 Benefits of a Spa Break

Benefits of a spa break and why I love them!

I have been on a number of spa breaks in my time and I have to tell you I believe the benefits of a spa break are varied, immense and actually really important.


benefits of a spa break


Benefits of a spa break

I am a huge fan of the benefits of spa breaks and I am so excited to share with you all the reasons I think they are amazing too. A weekend spa break can have such a huge impact on how you feel and how you cope with any stress in your life



Spa breaks take you away from people. This is one of the bery best benefits of a spa break. Often phones are banned in most Spa areas, you will find no TV or internet ad not a laptop to be seen. this break form connectivity is hugely beneficial. It helps our busy buzzy brains always so concerned with other people to have a break. We can truly take a break from work and any negativity in the outside world and totally switch off.


Benefits of a spa break? Relaxation is key

Spas are relaxing. The warm baths, the treatments, the relaxing music, in fact, the whole environment of a spa is one of calm. This not only enables our body to relax but also your mind and that feels so absolutely refreshing.


benefits of a spa break


Whatever the weather the benefits of a spa break keep giving

 Spa breaks are inside affairs (with the occasional hot tub outside.) This means you do not have to travel outside of the UK to have a really wonderful break. You also don’t have to pack clothes for every eventuality. All you need is your swimming costume and you are good to go and it will be nice and warm.


10 Benefits of a Spa Break


Books and then more books

One of the best benefits I see in a spa break is time to read, then more time to read. I find it just absolutely blissful. If I go on holiday I often feel the need to rush around sightseeing. A spa gives you permission to just chill. I always take a huge pile of books in with me to a spa and allow myself to completely indulge in a world of utter escapism

What do you like to read. My favourite kind of book is always a proper ove story. But I do like a good mystery form time to time too. 

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the benefits of a spa break


Spas offer a huge variety of treatments from back massages to Indian head massages and from Reiki to physical therapy, manicures and more. Physically this can help heal aches and pains in the body. Various skin treatments can also help your body confidence. Spiritually treatments like Reiki can bring you peace. In fact, the befits of all aspects of your wellbeing are huge.


Quality Time is one of the main benefits of a spa break

Whenever I have been to a spa with someone else I have discovered that we get real quality time together. Lots o time to chat and to reconnect and this is really important in such a busy world. I think this actually may be one of the hidden bout most important benefits of a spa break 




Refreshed and reinvigorated

Some holidays can leave you feeling less than refreshed, from too much travelling,  an excess of alcohol, too much rich food and late nights holidays can truly be exhausting.  The very nature of a spa break is to relax and reinvigorate you so you go back to real life feeling refreshed and ready to go.


Near or far

With a spa break, you don’t have to travel far to get away from it all. There are spas in the UK that you can enjoy within just a few hours of leaving home. Not only can this reduce cost it also saves you time and energy and I think, especially if you are just taking a short break, that this is actually really important.  You can spend a whole lot of holiday travelling!


lemon water at a spa


A spa can be a relaxing way to see another country

If you want to travel somewhere beautiful and further afield but don’t want a busy and bustling holiday then a spa break abroad could be a wonderful idea. It  can combine the best of both types of holiday




Benefits of a spa break for a single traveller

There are not many kinds of holidays you can easily and comfortably go on alone. But a spa? Yes, one of the benefits of a spa break is that it is entirely normal and acceptable to holiday alone. Sometimes we just crave solitude don’t we and a spa allows you that peace without any awkwardness.


woman enjoying the benefits of a spa session



Over to you for more benefits of a spa break

So there we are, the 10 benefits of a spa break from my perspective – but what about you? Are you a fan of a spa break? What do you think the benefits of a spa break are? Why not get yourself booked in inf you haven’t been for a while. i just know it will make you feel amazing.



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