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10 Benefits of Luxury Cruises with Ponant

I have been thinking about the benefits of luxury cruises.

I wouldn’t want to just take an ordinary cruise. I fancy travelling on a luxury cruise ship. I have so many reasons for wanting to travel this way that I thought I’d walk you through them and tell you my top 10! 


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10 Benefits of Luxury Cruises

I could have given you so many more than 10! But these are probably the ones that entice me the most. 


The views

Look at the views from the window of this cabin on board the Ponant. It is like a moving piece of glorious landscape art, isn’t it?

Quite the most beautiful and close up view you are going to get on any vacation and yet it will change all the time. I would absolutely love to wake up in my cabin,or relax in a sauna like the one below, whilst looking out at a view such as this. 


Benefits of Luxury Cruises

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The food on a cruise is also rumoured to plentiful and absolutely spectacular and I love fine dining – but fine dining with a view takes eating alfresco to a whole new level. And a cruise provides a great excuse to dress up for dinner. 





I love sport and the wilder the better and truly it doesn’t get much wilder than swimming in the deep blue ocean, does it?

But many luxury cruises offer far more than just a place to swim. In fact, they offer all sorts of sports including paragliding, canoeing, diving, windsurfing, jet skiing and more. Cruises can be great holiday experiences for sport enthusiasts.


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Some cruises go on expeditions to far-flung places and offer more than simply a tour of stunning locations. Whether you fancy polar, tropical or subtropical expeditions: from Antarctica to Papua New Guinea, Ponant can take your there on one of its specialist trips. Now doesn’t that just sound magical? 

I have always fancied being a proper explorer (but without the hardship or effort of actually having to transport myself!)


Benefits of Luxury Cruises

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Travelling to multiple places

One of the many benefits of Ponant luxury cruises is you can visit multiple gorgeous locations on just one trip.

One of their trips crosses the French Riviera to Italian shores and another the shores of the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast or you could even go Island Hopping in the Mediterranean. There are so many different itineraries and lengths of trips that there really is something for everyone. And seeing so many places and having so many stopovers on just one trip really does make it good value for money. 


Cruises are social

Feedback from everyone I know who has been on a cruise has included the fact that they have made new friends. Spending time on the promenade, eating together, hanging out in Ponant’s multi-sensory lounges together or enjoying the spa are great ways to make new friends and enjoy socialising over the duration of your cruise.   


Sunsets and sunrises

Where better to see both the sunset and sunrise than on a beautiful cruise. You won’t have to miss either you just walk around the other side of the ship. Is there anything in nature more peaceful beautiful or awe-inspiring. 


One gorgeous hub

One thing that has often put me off taking a cruise in the past is the thought of being in a teeny, tiny cabin. Now don’t get me wrong I love that I can travel to several countries whilst keeping my things all in one place and having the same bed every night. But I am not a big fan of small spaces. 

One of the benefits of luxury cruises though is that the cabins give so much more. Below is a cabin I would be happy to stay in, isn’t it just beautiful?


luxury cabin

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Have you ever longed to just sail away?

Le Ponant is a sleek, expertly designed 88-metre-long and 56-metre-high yacht one of the most majestic yachts in the world. And it can be your holiday base as you tour the Seychelles It has just 16 staterooms & suites which give so much freedom and space and give guests a sense of being on their own private yacht. Wow.

What an escape from regular life into a world of luxurious travel. How blissful would this be?


Laperouse ©Studio PONANT-Olivier Anrigo.jpg


The great outdoors 

It is so good to spend lots of time outside; it’s good for both your physical and mental health to get lots of vitamin D and to be in the presence of awe-inspiring nature. A luxury cruise is a holiday you would return feeling wonderful; well rested and stimulated. The great outdoors is the perfect place to take a holiday. 


The benefits of luxury cruises are many and I think it looks like a very special way to take a vacation, don’t you?



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