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10 Common Problems in Old Homes (and how to fix them)

10 Common Problems in Old Homes (and how to fix them)


Common Problems in Old Homes


10 Common Problems in Old Homes

What are the common problems in old homes and what can we do about them?

Old homes can certainly be gorgeous, feel cosy, worn and full of stories. They might be full of original features and lack the cold sterility of a new home. But oh they can also come with a fair few problems. Here are 10 common problems of old homes and some ideas on how to fix them.


Outdated decor

The decor may be very dated – well whilst this might be annoying it is not a property. Setting yourself a time plan and a budget to deal with outdated decor means you will get it sorted in time without blowing all your money at once. If your lounge and bedroom  are done first you can take the rest step by step


Common Problems in Old Homes? – Mould

Perhaps your old home has mould?  If it isn’t too bad mould remover and mould paint may do the job and this is a simple DIY. If it’s more advanced you need to look at damp proofing and this could potentially be a big job.


An inefficient boiler – Common Problems in Old Home

It is important this is dealt with or you could run up huge bills!  Certas Energy can take care of all your energy needs, from heating oil to boiler care, new tanks or a new Smart Monitor and having a reliable provider could make all the difference to you.


Leaking oil tanks – common problems in old homes

As above, some things are just best left to the experts!


Rusty Pipes

If the rust isn’t too advanced there are some simple DIY options for rusty pipes including sandpaper, a wire brushes and chemical rust removers. Have a look at this handy article here


Worn wiring – Common Problems in Old Home

Do not try and DIY your electrics. An old house may even need complete rewiring. Prioritise this and get a professional in!


Poor insulation

Old houses often lack in the kind of insulation we expect from more modern houses. Insulating the loft is one of the first areas you want to address as it is one of the very best ways of keeping the house warm. If your loft is accessible this is something you can do yourself pretty easily. Check out DIY tutorials on YouTube and have a peek here for further advice


Old windows are Common Problems in Old Homes

Old windows may have all sorts of concerns such as cracks and draughts and lack of insulation. You can do some temporary fixes with sealant and heavy-duty curtains till the budget is in to replace them.


Plumbing – Common Problems in Old Home

Plumbing matters! Problems with plumbing can affect both sanitation and water supply and we need these to work to say healthy. This is a priority fix.


Common Problems in Old Home

Outdated features

Some old houses will have pantries and serving hatches and even outside loos. And quirky and fabulous as these may be you may want to alter them. Just like with the decor though give yourself a budget and time frame and do it one step at a time.


Enjoy your old house and give yourself time and space to make it just as you want it.


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