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10 of the Best Interior Design Trends 2022

Let us take a look at the best Interior Design Trends 2022 – what do they have to offer?


The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.  Maya Angelou


Many people get a sudden urge to make changes to their homes when they enter a new year.

It doesn’t matter whether you are updating your current home, creating a mood and vision board for a new property you are moving to, or just having some plans in place for renovations, changing the interiors can be a great way to give your home environment a positive boost. However, you may be wondering what the interior design trends 2022 are.


best Interior Design Trends 2022


Best Interior design trends 2022

So without further ado, here are some of the interior design trends 2022 has to offer – to look out for and to try yourself.  Are you ready? 


Bold patterns in the best Interior Design Trends 2022

Many trends work in cycles, and this year I think you are likely to see the return of bold patterns much as you would have done back in the 1960s and 1970s. Bold patterns on soft furnishings but more specifically on walls. A bold pattern on wallpaper could be just the ticket to revamp a bedroom or living space.

You could keep things simple by adding a bold print to a feature wall and then using contrasting colours around the room to harmonise with your new feature.  Maximalism is on the rise folks and one fo the best interior design trends 2022! 


best Interior Design Trends 2022

10 of the Best Interior Design Trends 2022


Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn’t find it here, one doesn’t find it anywhere.

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Strong colours in Best Interior design trends 2022 

As much as bold patterns will be making a big return in 2022, so will the use of strong colours.

We have been through a phase of a minimalist approach, especially with colour schemes, but this is about to change this year. Domineering colours on walls and in your choice of furnishings and accessories will help you to really embrace the strong colour trend this year. If you feel like you want to ease into this, just as you would with patterned wallpaper you can choose to create a feature wall, and contrast with paler colours as you get used to the changes. 


best Interior Design Trends 2022


Traditional details 

After the past few years, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that interior trends have changed as more people are embracing time at home. As a result of this, we are seeing the return of more traditional details and features in the home that provides comfort and nostalgia. Things like pattern mixing to antique furniture. 


Sustainability in Best Interior design trends 2022

There is a huge increase in people needing to feel more possible for their choices and sustainability has become ever popular in recent years. This means that interior trends are changing to help compensate for a move from fast fashion and plastics. You might see an increase in recycled furniture, upcycled pieces, and things made from reusable sources. Changing a few items in your home can have long term benefits on the environment. 


Retro chic in best Interior design trends 2022

As discussed in the return of bold patterns and string colou9rs, retro chic is back as more people want to embrace styles and inspirations from the 1960s and 1970s. This is where we will be seeing more terracotta, mustard, and green colours among furnishings as well as wooden tones and strong, dynamic furniture. 


10 of the Best Interior Design Trends 2022

10 of the Best Interior Design Trends 2022


Multifunctional spaces

With many of us being at home more so than ever before, the trend of making rooms have a multifunctional space has grown in popularity. So much so, that people are actually making many rooms multifunctional, such as a place to work, a place to exercise, and relax, as well as perhaps having another functional use such as a playroom for children or a spare room for guests to stay. 


Interior design trends 2022 embrace Mindfulness 

There is a lot of focus around mindfulness right now, and as there has been a lot of changes in our lives, mindfulness has become a priority. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that many of us are considering mindfulness and the effects our home environment has on us mentally.

It might be that you consider mindfulness in terms of attracting as much natural light into the room you are changing.

As well as looking at colours and even the temperature of the room. The more you focus on mindfulness the more it can help you to feel more at ease in your living space. 


Best Interior Design Trends 2022


Best Interior Design Trends 2022 – Embracing the curve

Many trends change and move in cycles, and as there has been a recent surge in people wanting straight and right angles furniture and lines in their home, this year we are going to see a change as we start to embrace the curve.

This might be a round table for eating on in a dining room or a curved coffee table for a living space. There will even be curves in furniture such as sofas and chairs as we start to see a preference for softer lines in our furnishings for our living spaces. 


Embracing the curve


Bringing the outside in – Interior Design Trends 2022

It is also nice to embrace any outside areas that you have, and bringing the outside into your home is a great way to extend your living space. If you have a room that has doors opening to an outdoor area then you can extend the two spaces to make them feel more unified.

Such as using outdoor rugs and enhancing outside furniture.

However, you can also bring the outside in by embracing more plants in your home, natural light, and fresh air.

These can enhance how your living spaces look and feel. This is also a great way to help your home feel bigger as making use of outside space and even adding outdoor eating areas or adding a cover to an outdoor area so it can be used at different times of the year could transform the way you live in your home this year. 



Interior Design Trends 2022


Nature and animals in Best Interior design trends 2022

Finally, nature and animal prints and patterns are also making a comeback this year.

Patterns and colours as well as embrace planting and accessories that are nature and animal inspired could be big contenders for any interior design changes that you make in 2022.

Whether it is soft furnishings where you add this design theme to or look at feature walls or statement pieces, you will love how it can transform your space.


Interior design trends 2022


Hopefully, these suggestions have inspired you to embrace the best interior design trends 2022 has to offer and enable you to transform your living space.  

Want to see some more of the best interior design trends 2022 style? 



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