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10 perks of life after 50

Perks of life after 50 – a look at what they are and how you can embrace them in your life


perks of life after 50


Perks of life after 50

Ah, I often wonder about the perks of life after 50.

I am 47 and the big 5-0 is looming.

I, as always, am turning my face to the sun and looking forward with optimism to my next decade. I am so interested to read of the perks other people see in being in their 50’s. Sunlife interviewed lots of people who are embracing life after 50  I loved their stories and it and oh my their positivity is infectious!  You have to watch the video about the 83-year-old fashion design, such an inspiring lady.

Here are the 10 things I am looking forward to in my 5th decade – it is going to be fabulous read on to find out the perks of life after 50.


perks of life after 50


10 perks of life after 50

1) My kids will leave home and will, I  imagine,  head off to work or uni or travelling during my  50’s. Whilst this will be sad it will also fill me with pride and relief that I have helped them grow and they are equipped to take on their next challenge too.

2) As a consequence of my kids growing up, I will have a wealth of extra time. I shall read. I have the biggest list of books I want to read and am just waiting for the time to do so.

3) We shall travel more to the places we like, rather than a family week on the beach we will head out to obscure cities and visit art galleries and sit at cafes and people watch.

4) We will have time for theatre and food and generally more spare time and money to indulge in slower, relaxing pleasures.

5) Hormones – ah, yes for me the hormonal changes of my late 40’s have been tricky at times. I see my 50’s as a time of greater serenity and physical and emotional wellbeing.

6) I am hoping to embrace a few brand new hobbies in my 50’s. I know I need to get more supple and social as loneliness and creakiness are not good as you age. Dancing would just be a lovely hobby to take up. I’ve always loved a bit of line dancing or salsa so my 50’s will be a time to bring that on!


perks of life after 50


Perks of life after 50 continued…

7) I love music, yet my house seems to be filled with other peoples music and my car! I am going to play my own songs loud and proud and get some concert tickets too. It is to refind me and my passions in my 50’s.

8) I am aiming to slow down in my 50’s too. Now in a ‘do-nothing’ because I am older kind of way but in a take more time and chill more way. So I am thinking of lazy Sunday mornings in bed, time to write letters to friends, to have longer baths, and linger longer over coffee too sort of way. I am looking forward to more quality times. Mu 30’s and ’40s have been busy and so much so sometimes I have missed the moment.

9) I want to really get my vlog going in my 50’s. I have grand plans for it and want to make it all about ways to be happy and move on from my parenting content. Watch this space, everyone.

10)  I want to still be me in my 50’s but a more self-assured version. I know who I am and like myself more these days. Confidence comes with age and I am determined to keep my useful spirit too.


So as I see it there are huge, HUGE perks of life after 50 just waiting to be had!


Over to you for your take on perks of life over 50

Do you have any perks of life after 50 to add to my list?


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