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10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Warm on a Budget

Ways to Keep Your Home Warm on a Budget


Ways to Keep Your Home Warm on a Budget

Are you looking for ways to keep your home warm on a budget?

I hate feeling cold. I have been know to type in fingerless gloves and a bobble hat in order to keep warm. Heating bills can be huge but they really don’t need to be . Thought and creativity are required to banish the bills and the cold! It is not too hard to heat your home on a budget. In fact their are some super simple changes you can make, most of them require nothing more than a little thought

  • Have  a hot water bottle and pop it in your bed for 10 minutes before you go. My daughter has one and loves to give it a cuddle and I am sure it helps her drop off more quickly too.
  • Keep doors shut. This simple act can make a HUGE difference and I mean internal as well as external doors.
  • Use draught excluders and insulating tape wherever the need arises. Making your own draught excluder can be great fun and an old pair of wooly tights will do.

Ways to Keep Your Home Warm on a Budget


  • Drink lots of hot tea and eat warming soups
  • Cuddle each other
  • Use blankets and throws when reading or watching TV rather than the fire
  • Manage your radiator use  and watch the temperatures you set them to! I always get a bit lost in heating and other appliance terminology ..do you? In my opinion the most supportive radiator valves for a lay man is thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Wear warm socks in bed and round the house
  • Layered clothes help a lot so invest in a vest
  • Go out for an invigorating walk in the cold. It will warm you inside and make you appreciate the warmth of you home when you come back just so much!

I do hope these tips on how to keep your home warm on a budget have been useful

Keep Toasty!

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