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10 simple ways to upgrade a kitchen

Today – 10 simple ways to upgrade a kitchen

Sometimes it is easy to think that a big pile of money will give you the home of your dreams and until you have that big pile of money you cannot really make an impact. This isn’t the case though and so if a kitchen upgrade is on your to-do list don’t put it off whilst you wait for the elusive pot of gold. there are several things you can do to upgrade your kitchen without having to fork out for a brand new kitchen


simple ways to upgrade a kitchen


Simple ways to upgrade a kitchen with minimal effort

It does have to have to be complicated, time-consuming and uber-expensive to update a kitchen. Sometimes all you need is some visual inspiration and some focussed shopping

Waste bin

Waste bins are not all the same. Some are really ugly and can bring a kitchen down in my opinion! Brabantia has some super stylish waste bin options from table waste bins for food leftover to pedal bins to touch bins and they all look great.

Having the right kind of bin for your space can enhance a kitchen and I think it is really worthwhile investing a little time and thought into the kind of waste bin you have.



Wall art

I do not believe the kitchen should be sterile and I think a great poster would be a fun addition and a speedy way to update a kitchen. I think foodie posters are wonderfully fun, but also vintage posters and / or ones with cool fonts or messages.

What do you think about the art in the kitchen and do you have any simple ways to upgrade a kitchen with art to share?


simple ways to upgrade a kitchen


A great kitchen table

And how about an awesome kitchen table? A kitchen table can be the hub of a home and changing it up to something you love really will update your kitchen in a flash.

I think round tables contrast beautifully to the straight lines you usually find in a kitchen. Loving this table!

We spend so much time around our kitchen table, chatting and laughing and playing and doing homework, creating art and so on.A good kitchen table matters a great deal to me. Good tables are such powerful yet simple ways to upgrade a kitchen


simple ways to upgrade a kitchen


Simple ways to upgrade a kitchen with Paint

As you can see in the image above the painted brickwork looks fabulous. A quick repaint can really freshen a kitchen and add a colour boost too. Did you know that classic blue is the pantone colour of the year? I think you will be seeing it just about everywhere, kitchens included in 2020.

My kitchen at present is a boring but fresh white. I’d love to paint it in mint!


Good lighting

Well-considered lighting is a great way to quickly upgrade a kitchen – especially if you light up your eating area too. I love this stylish and well-positioned lighting over the table. I think it makes it a really focussed and cosy area to sit at and eat or chat.

The recess lights are also a great idea to really unobtrusively light up the kitchen Lights are such simple ways to upgrade a kitchen and so very effective


Beautiful accessories

Look at these gorgeous wooden accessories. They make the kitchen look fabulous, don’t they? Amazing how a little touch can make a big impression. I tend to like a minimalistic kitchen with not too much on display but for those things I use often , like knicves or a coffee machinge i say it is really important to make it count.



Plants – such simple ways to upgrade a kitchen

You can see the impact of the planet in the kitchen above – just looks fabulous plants make such an easy and a really fresh little update. I have to say i like big fabulous plants with shiny green leaves. But mini rose planters,  an indoor herb garden, tiny air plants – these would all work so well.


Natural light

Oh, you cannot beat lots of lovely natural light flowing in a kitchen – get rid of your window dressings I say – a cost-free update that will really enable your kitchen to shine. Takes mere moments too.

I have to say if I was going to put some money into an upgrade I really would have a roof window in my kitchen so all the glorious light would come flooding on in.  How wonderful would that be – I find natural light so uplifting.


simple ways to upgrade a kitchen


Simple ways to upgrade a kitchen? Just paint your cupboards

Painting your cupboards of shelving is another speedy option to give a new look to your kitchen. I think this grey looks marvellous. and gives both warmth and sophistication to this kitchen space.


simple ways to upgrade a kitchen


Display your good stuff

I am all for a paired back look but if you have nice glasses or baskets putting them on display can really make the kitchen look prettier and you can change this look up regularly. Don’t save the best stuff for your best occasion whizz it out and put it on display – simple ways to upgrade a kitchen like this cost nothing but your time and energy


I hope you have enjoyed this post on 10 simple ways to upgrade a kitchen  – you might also like my post on ways to transform your kitchen in one day



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