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10 Small Jobs to Upgrade Your House in 24 Hours & Increase it’s Value

Small Jobs to Upgrade Your House

small Jobs to Upgrade Your House


Small Jobs to Upgrade Your House

Household chores are one of those things that seem to multiply like the heads of Hydra: for every one you finish, another two pop up. It’s a real nightmare and something that everybody on earth who lives under a roof encounters regularly.

As summer draws to a close and winter approaches, we’re going to be spending more and more time at home. Personally, I quite like this time of the year. Indoors, by the fire watching films with the family; it’s when the comfort of your home really can be appreciated.

In preparation for this, however, I always seem to find myself not at ease with the state of my house. I’ve outlined ten small jobs that can be done to prepare yourself and upgrade your house in a day, from door hardware to kitchen storage…


  1. Think About Your Windows: Let There be Light!

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the amount of natural light entering the home. It’s all well and good having a beautifully decorated home, but a lack of natural light can be both depressing and enclosing. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light has incredibly positive effects on health and productivity. Start by removing anything blocking natural light from your windows and, instead, make these the centrepiece of each room.

This is also an excuse to buy new curtains. Up to 40% of the heat that escapes your home in the winter is from badly prepared windows. Curtains are fantastic at keeping the heat in and while blinds can be practical in certain places where windows are smaller, your larger windows should have some well chosen curtains that help control the temperature of your house. Choose curtains that add warmth in the quality of their material, but also mentally in their colour. Go for bright and beautiful curtains to give your home that added character through the winter, rather than dark and bleak colours.


  1. Do You Have Enough Mirrors?

Another way to give your home a new look is to think about the amount of mirrors you have. Mirrors reflect light to brighten up each room, but they are also psychologically relieving as they lend the impression of more space and are thereby less enclosing. While brand new mirrors can be expensive, you can always find good mirrors at flea markets and charity shops. A really nice new mirror adds both light and style if chosen well!


  1. Paint the Walls – An Instant Mood Changer

Of course, another way to give a new feel to your home is change its colour scheme. Now, this may not be an attractive prospect, as you don’t want to move the furniture or unplug the television, but think about it. Would it brighten up your home?

For a particularly effective quick fix, paint just one wall. One wall without any windows or doors is quick to paint but a colour that is different to the rest also looks unique and artistic with minimal effort. Make sure the combination of colours you use works well. The brighter the colour, the more character and style you will be injecting into the home and the more cheerful you will be through the winter. Neutral and pastel colours open rooms up but aren’t too over the top!


  1. Prepare Your Garden and Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

People who enter your house will judge you firstly on what they are walking up to, so make sure your garden is up to scratch. Clean your paving and driveway and think about preparing your garden for all seasons. Some quality wooden planters and posts outside your front door will look stunning and are easily maintained through all seasons.

These changes have an instant effect on the perception of your home and will make your neighbours jealous by how beautiful your house is now looking!


  1. The Importance of a Beautiful Front Door

Another essential factor is, of course, the front door. To use the words of Sara Emslie:

The style and colour of your front door says much more about you than you possibly realise. It’s a portal to your personality.”

So if you’ve got a dark and gloomy or old and neglected door, it’s probably time for a change. Spice it up with some tasteful colours; a pale blue or a warming red are great front door colours as they are homely and cheerful. You can always do different colours for the exterior and interior sides of the door if you can’t make your mind up!


  1. Go the Extra Step with New Door Hardware

To really impress your family, go all out and upgrade the entire door. Of course, you can buy a brand new door, but if you are happy with your current one and feel it has sentimental value, consider just upgrading your door’s hardware for a cheaper option.

If you have a flimsy door handle or squeaky door hinges, it’s time to finally get round to replacing them and end that persistent annoyance. A brand new door handle, or any shiny new door hardware for that matter, shows visitors you’re on top of things and truly care for your home.

Small Jobs to Upgrade Your House


  1. The Appliance Garage – A Sure Godsend

Moving back indoors, the next step is perfecting your kitchen. As a room that is often considered the heart of a home, it’s important that of all the rooms in the house, you’re on top of your kitchen.

One of the things that is always an irritance is the amount of kitchen appliances taking up space on counters. What’s worse is that many of these aren’t used on a regular basis but add a constant sense of clutter.

Luckily, there’s a perfect answer to this problem: an appliance garage. If possible, look into installing a roll up kitchen appliance garage in the corner of your counters and tuck away those things that are used, but not regularly, so they are easily accessible but equally out of view, allowing your kitchen to have a clear and organised look.


  1. Godsend Number Two – The Pull-Out Bin

Another genius addition to the home is the pull-out bin. If you’re serious about neatening up your home, this will leave you speechless with admiration for months to come.

The bin is often the one thing that you can’t tuck away. It’s there, it’s dirty and it’s downright annoying when you’re a pro at keeping everywhere else tip-top. Well, I’ve got news for you: the pull-out bin will put an end to these problems.

With a bin behind doors but still easily accessible, you open up more space in your kitchen while also improving general hygiene. With hundreds of different types of under-the-counter bins available, you will be able to find something for the size and shape of your kitchen with ease.

It’s a job that can be done cheaply and easily, and it’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t do it years ago.


Small Jobs to Upgrade Your House


  1. Soft-Closing Doors and Cabinets

Another pain in the kitchen is outdated doors and cabinets, but let me tell you: new soft-closing doors and cabinets are one of the most satisfying adaptations a kitchen can undergo.

If you’re not happy with your current kitchen doors and cabinets, soft-closing hardware for doors and cabinets can be bought cheaply, and you’ll be grinning every time you silently and swiftly close just about any door of your kitchen.

Have this done and surprise your family to really make them happy!


  1. Bring Life Indoors with the Right Plants

Last but not least, bring in the plants. There are a great variety of indoor plants that don’t require sunlight and don’t need much maintenance. As winter draws closer, invest in some beautiful house plants and flowers to keep the inside of your home alive and colourful.

House plants are known to de-stress and purify the air in your home, and they add a wonderful charm and character. They come in all shapes and sizes and different levels of love and care, so there will be something for you.



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