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10 tips for an amazing holiday on a low budget

How to have an amazing holiday on a low budget

Having a fabulous time in life does not necessitate having an enormous budget. I write about frugality and simplicity a lot and one thing I know for absolute certainty is that the best things in life are indeed free – you can harness this philosophy to make a low budget holiday simply amazing.

Here are some of my top tips to help you have an amazing holiday on a low budget.


amazing holiday on a low budget


  1. Don’t go too far. You may be chasing the sunshine and fancy a perfect beach but you really do not need to spend days extra hours and extra money travelling. Holiday Gems specialise in sunny destinations closer to home, so do take a peek for some not so far-flung bargains. Have look at these fabulous Majorca holiday deals.
  2. Also, whilst you are searching for your holiday do check out a variety of accommodation and always look at the reviews what may seem the best/biggest/most suitable /most expensive is not necessarily going to be the accommodation best suited to you. Play around with options and take a little time working out the best scenario for you and your budget.
  3. Last minute deals really can save you a great deal of money so keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to wait.
  4. Location is key to a brilliant holiday so make sure you do your research. If you are going to be having to spend a lot of money on transporting your self around it soon adds up..what is close by that you can do for free? Do take a peek at trip advisor to find a myriad of things you can see/do in the area you choose
  5. Do find out everything that is included in the price of your holiday before committing; factoring in travel insurance, transfers and even looking at the cost of local restaurants. You cannot have a workable budget unless you know all your expenses.
  6. Pack wisely – you don’t want to have to buy things like swimming goggles whilst on holiday because you forgot to pack them. or beach towels, or sunscreen or any of a number of things you may already have it home. It is a complete waste of your holiday budget.
  7. Cut corners where it is smart..could you have a friend drive you to the airport and in return, you do this for them when they go away? Could you eat before you travel so you are not spending more money on route? Could you avoid duty-free?
  8. Work out your budget before you go and try and stick to it. It is very easy to get carried away when you are on holiday and rue the day on your return.
  9. Do consider self-catering whilst away as eating out all the time can really eat into your cash
  10. Also, whilst away why not embrace local life? Try public transport, shop at the markets, relax a little more. All these things will save you money and help you take on board the vibe of your destination.

The secret!

Have a fabulous holiday and remember there are always to make it less expensive and it is the togetherness, they days doing very little except playing cards or sitting on the beach, jumping waves or taking a sunset stroll that really makes a holiday.


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