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10 Unique Shower Designs

Unique Shower Designs


Unique Shower Designs

Gone are the days of traditional white shower cubicles and functional hinged screens. Today, shower designs are as unique as their users. From illuminating light shows to full on spa experiences, design knows no limits when it comes to getting squeaky clean in style. Here are our top 10 unique shower designs that we think are worthy of a mention:


10 unique shower designs

1. Heat Sensing Colour Lights

If you like a splash of colour in your life you will love the latest temperature controlled shower lights that have been spotted in bathroom design magazines across the globe. As the temperature changes, so too does the colour which phases from a spectrum of green, blue, orange, purple, pink and red.

3. Enticing Curves

Showers are traditionally square or rectangular which makes a curved design a true show stopper. Beam Corner Walk-in showers from Mira are wonderfully elegant. The smooth walk-in enclosure curves opening up bathroom space and bringing a contemporary twist to conventional straight edged designs.

4. Hydrotherapy Showers

360 degree jet-based showers are the ultimate in cleansing luxury. There is no work required – simply stand in the centre of the shower and let the water streams work their magic from all directions.


5. Au Naturel

Mother Nature gives high tech shower designs a run for their money with the creation of luxuriously rustic granite walls, stone pillar stands, and hollowed-out rock cylinders doubling as walk-in shower enclosures.

6. Temperature Sensing Tiles

These psychedelic tiles undergo a series of kaleidoscopic colour changes at 6-10 degree increments. They might be pretty but they sure aren’t cheap and ring in at around £150 per square foot!


6. Shower/Steam Room Duo

It doesn’t get much better than a double interconnected shower cubicle that features a steam room. The best thing about this mist making wonder is that it completely nullifies the need to hang around in sweaty gym steam rooms.

7. Smart Showers

New technologies have made shower designs more intelligent than ever before. Now you can control all aspects of your showering experience, from temperature and water flow to timers and warm-up modes.


8. Wet Rooms

Fully tiled shower areas are a great way to add contemporary style and a chic streamlined look to bathrooms both small and large. House to Home agree, stating, “With a wide range ofwet room styles to suit every taste, wet rooms are becoming more and more in vogue, and they’re a great way to add value to your home.”


9. Sunken Showers

Sinking your shower into the ground is a unique and elegant choice reminiscent of the indulgent bath houses of bygone eras.


10. Pod Showers

These high spec creations are becoming increasingly popular in technology-loving countries like Japan. Rather than standing up, users undergo a horizontal showering experience designed to cleanse, relax and invigorate.


Whether you want to create a relaxing spa-like sanctuary or a vibrant and colourful water cascade, the range of unique shower designs on offer nowadays means that even the wildest of bathroom dreams can become a reality.

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