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10 Best Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids in 2023

Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids are not always the easiest thing to find and so a lot of parents/carers of vegan kids that I know sometimes end up either doing nothing or having to buy something that is non confectionery (and usually a whole lot more expensive).
But it does not have to be that way at all. 

So, in this post  on the 10 Best Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids in 2022  I am taking that leg work away for you and sharing 10 confectionery vegan advent calendars for kids that look pretty fabulous. As really – why should our fabulous vegan kids miss out?

“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” – Gary L. Francione


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Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids


10 Best Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids in 2022

Here we go – I know you are going to want them all, I know I do . But which one will you like the best and go for I wonder?


“Vegan is just pure love. Love for animals, love for the planet, and love for yourself.”   Mischa Temaul


New for 2022 in dairy-free advent calendars for kids they will love

New for this year we have found probably our most exciting cruelty -free calendar yet …. is this the very best of the Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids? I think it might well be


Candy Kittens Christmas Advent Calendar Tree 2021 – Palm-Oil Free Vegan Gourmet Gummy Sweets  £12


Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids


Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids


This is my daughters choice of the Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids this year. Doesn’t it just look fabulous and really well priced too? It gives two Candy Kittens sweets per day, this easy-to-build 3D DIY advent calendar makes is cute and fun and tasty! 

I love this and it is fun and unusual as well as vegan so what is there not to love about this one. Huge candy kittenish fan here

It is also an sustainable gift Candy Kittens partner with ‘TreeSisters’ to help restore our ecosystems – for every advent calendar tree bought, one tree is planted. Buy here


Artisan cruelty-free calendar – Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids in 2022

 We love to shop small and support little businesses with a big heart and this dairy-free calendar ticks all these  right boxes

Cocoa Libre – Vegan, Dairy Free Rice Milk Advent Calendar £15


Dairy-free Advent Calendars for Kids


24 large, delicious chocolates made with rice milk as a creamy alternative to dairy. Featuring reindeer, santa, star and Christmas tree shaped chocolate

Created by a  small artisan producer and with no peanuts or nuts, no gluten, no dairy – we have tried this one before and it was a hit vegan advent calendars for kids can be great a for ALL the family !

Buy here


Vegan Salted Caramel Advent Calendar £6.99

This is my idea of an early morning treat never mind my kids!  


vegan advent calendars for kids




It uses UTZ sustainably sourced cocoa and rice for a super smooth taste and texture. It is suitable for vegans and coeliacs also comes in a white choc version

Dairy free advent calendar heaven! 

Buy here


Favourite dairy-free advent calendars for kids that are vegan

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” – Joaquin Phoenix


 Nomo Vegan Advent Calendars for kids in 2022 £9.99

Everyone likes nomo vegan chocolate – it just tastes ‘right’ so this calendar is a sure-fire hit and that’s what you want. Not all vegan chocolate is equal so if you find a good brand it is well worth shouting about and sticking to. My f 14 year old daughter had been vegan now for 2 years and this is definitely one her most loved vegan choc brands


Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids

Egg Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free and always a popular choice for vegans this Nomo calendar will do the job perfectly.  Nomo stands for no missing out in case your were wondering.


Buy here



Swizzels Christmas  vegan Advent Calendars for kids £7.99


Swizzels Christmas Advent Calendar


A traditional sweetie for ever day of advent and all vegan too..have fabulous is that! Buy here


Something a bit different in vegan advent calendars for kids

Here are some interesting options that are little bit outside the box! 


Super Garden Limited Edition Advent Calendar 2021 £59.58



This Super Garden colourful award winning vegan calender is full of little (recyclable) pots of freeze dried fruit and veggies.  The healthiest kind of vegan sweets and a little treat for every day! One way to get more goodness in your kids! 

It contains …

 Pineapple (8g), sliced strawberries (5g), raspberries (6g), mandarin pieces (6g), blueberries (10g), mango (10g), cranberries (5g), banana slices (14g), lingonberries (7g), cherries (12g), red currants (10g), black currants (10g), gooseberries (7g), blackberries (14g), apple pieces (5g), whole strawberries (5g), kiwi pieces (18g), carrot pieces (30g), beetroot pieces (25g), peas 16g), corn (14g), physalis (10g), sea buckthorn (16g).


Vegan Advent Calendar for kids


What a great way to start the day and a lovely way to introduce some new healthy goodies to your kids that taste like sweets. Buy here


Popcorn Advent Calendar £15.95

Not all vegan kids love choc but most of them do love a sweet treat of some kind. This vegan popcorn advent calendar is a fun alternative and contains 24 individual mini bags. Flavours  include salted caramel vanilla, rhubarb custard, sweet, salted, lemon, cinnamon, strawberries and cream and much more; from sweet to sour to savoury! perfect with a Christmas movie! 

Buy here

popcorn advent calendar


Chocolate and cheap – dairy-free calendars 

There was a time when dairy-free and vegan advent calendars for kids were dear but they don’t have to be check out these cheap cruelty-free options …


Happi Oat Milk Chocolate Vegan Advent Calendars for kids £7.99

This fun and inexpensive advent calendar contains  24 rich and creamy vegan  milk chocolate Christmas characters, made with oat milk .All Happi chocolates are made using gluten free oat milk powder, making these great tasting chocolate pieces suitable for both Vegan and Vegetarian diets, but also deliciously creamy.

Each chocolate piece is also free from Soya and Gluten.




 You can buy this fun and happi calender here


Moo Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate Vegan Advent Calendar for kids £4.91

This moo free calendar is one we buy each year and probably the cheapest of the vegan advent calendars for kids 


moo free advent calendar


A white choc version of these advent calendars for kids is also available here – sounds completely scrummy right?


Still vegan just not edible!

MAGIC & TRICKS by The Purple Cow £24.95

Okay I’m sorry I am totally going off the sweet / choc track here but  I HAD to show you this. It is brand new for this year and it is the advent calendar of my daughters dreams. Check this out a magic tricks advent calendar – what fun! A Christmas calendar is for kids who love magic and want to learn about the science behind it! A bit different eh!

Buy here


magic advent calendar

“All we are saying, is give peas a chance…”



Vegan Advent Calendars for Kids

I hope you have found this post on useful please do share it with any pals you have with vegan kids. 

Do let me know if you try any of these!


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“Choose a compassionate frame of mind. Always choose love. Always be kind.”

Beth Arnold



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