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10 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

When you move into your new home, or your current one no longer suits your tastes, you just want to make the space your own. There are many ways in which you can decorate and alter your environment and make it a great place to live. Take a look at our 10 ways to add personality to your home.




1) DIY decorating: Personalise your space with unique crafts and projects

If you can involve yourself in DIY projects, it can help you to get the feel you want in your home. For those more experienced in crafts and projects, you could do more complicated tasks. If you are less experienced, something small is a great way to start. This means you can make that dream item you want in your home, such as a lantern, a table or a blanket to name but a few. The options are endless!


2) Mix and match: Combining different styles for a one-of-a-kind look

Who says everything has to match? If you want to incorporate different styles to truly encapsulate you, you can use furniture in your home that isn’t identical. Something as simple as the colour or style of furniture being the same or similar can be enough to nicely tie the room together without buying everything new to get it to match. You can also experiment with textures to create the ideal environment for you.



3) Artistic expression: Incorporating artwork and photography for a personal touch

Personality in your home doesn’t have to come through huge elements of the room. Small things, such as photographs on a coffee table or bedside unit, can also be an effective part of your decorating. Adding these elements is a great way to incorporate parts of yourself and your friends and family into your space, and create a homely effect for you to enjoy.


4) Antique finds: How vintage pieces can bring character to your home

Newer buildings can lack the character that more traditional properties have, and adding antiques to your home is a great way to introduce some of that character into the building. These antiques are more likely to be unique to your home than other furniture or items, which may be more common in other houses. They don’t have to be just antique furniture but instead can include vases, lighting and other items you may find to incorporate into your design.


5) Upcycling and repurposing: Giving old items a new life in your home

If you are working within a budget, upcycling can give your home a new lease of life without breaking the bank. Whether that be buying items to give them a new purpose, or repainting existing furniture in your home to make them appear fresher, upcycling and repurposing items is a great way to give your home personality without having to purchase expensive furniture. 


10 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home


6) Colourful accents: Adding pops of colour for a playful and lively atmosphere

The colours used to decorate can impact the mood and atmosphere of a room. Though you can decorate in strictly neutral colours, incorporating splashes of colour can be much more exciting to look at. This doesn’t have to be through painting the walls in bold, bright colours if it doesn’t suit your style, although this is a perfectly viable option if that is what you enjoy. If you prefer minimalistic decorations, coloured furniture, ornaments or accessories can also add personality to your home.


7) Statement lighting: How lighting fixtures can add personality to any room

The right lighting can bring out the best features in a room, so you must get it right. Having lamps dotted around the room can help to prevent it from appearing dim and dull, and keeping with softer lights means the space won’t seem too harsh, which can happen with brighter lights. A pendant light can be an elegant alternative for above dining tables, whilst fairy lights offer a cosier atmosphere and a softer lighting option.


8) Personal mementos: Incorporating sentimental items into your decor

Whether it be souvenirs from that trip you saved up for, certificates from that qualification you worked towards or knickknacks you picked up along the way, mementos are ideal for showing off your personality around your home. They can be used to decorate the entranceway, such as in the hallway, or to enhance the homely feeling in other rooms.


9) Creating a gallery wall: Showcasing your personal style through art and photos

Incorporating art and photography is a great way to add personality to your home, especially if you can utilise a bare wall. Hanging your favourite photographs and pieces of art shows off your personal preferences, both through the art you choose and the frames you display them in if any. Use this wall as your focal point and display the art that catches your eye, or make your own using whatever medium you fancy. 



10 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home



10) Nature-inspired design: Incorporating natural elements for a serene and inviting atmosphere

Why not add nature to your home? Add flowers to the room, whether that be in a vase, jug, or another way to hold them, or incorporate greenery via real, or faux, plants. These can add a spot of colour to your home, and real plants can help to purify the air around you. You can also bring nature-themed decor into your home, such as leaf-patterned wallpaper, which can help to tie your home together with your garden outside.

Adding personality to your home can be done in an array of ways, such as upcycling and DIY decorating. By using one or a combination of these tips, you can turn your home into somewhere that truly captures your tastes and is an interesting place to live.


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