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10 wellness trends

Wellness trends

Moving with or preferably ahead of the times in important in any business. As a blogger I know I need to keep on top of any new social media that arises. My nieces told me yesterday Facebook is for old people and it’s now all about snapchat. Ouch. I am not keeping pace too well after all!


wellness trends in 2017


In regard to well-being though I feel I am  much more ‘with it’. I am  on a constant journey of how to be more content



When I was younger well-being was all about Jane Fonda, John Travolta and doing a workout with breakfast TV. Lycra was the big innovation ..it moved with you and people wore it everywhere. Exercising at home and making it look good were what it was all about. The early 80’s were such a colourful time!

How things change. How very outdated that now seems in terms of wellness trends

Clean eating and cleanses and home juicing have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last couple of years. The rise in popularity of Instagram and YouTube have prompted us to covet the lifestyle s of the super healthy and want to eat and exercise just like them. Juicers sell like the proverbial hotcakes and give the sweatbands and personal stereos of the 80’s a run for their money.



I have just finished training as life coach and in regard to well-being coaching if a huge popular area. I know I will need to keep refreshing my skills so I stay on top of things. Mindfulness has been very relevant over the past year and I know as a coach this is an area many people will want to address so I need to keep up and keep learning.

So how do you keep up with innovations in well-being or in any area. Well there are companies like the Innovation Company who offer ‘consulting and coaching services, specialising in the areas of sales, marketing and workplace effectiveness.’ They help businesses to stay ahead of being relevant’.



I also make sure I talk to younger people  a lot as they know what is what. I read a lot of cool blogs and I receive a regular coaching magazine. Keeping my finger on the pulse and one step ahead will make me both interesting and exciting to new clients and will help me be a trend setter rather than simply a trend follower. I do like to come up with my own ideas to as I think it is important not just to be on a trend but to be innovative yourself.


So what is  the next big thing in wellness? Well I’ve been doing a little reading , asking and researching and apparently there are 10 well-being trends that are hot to trot in 2017.


Avocado oil (apprently it can help repair our cells)

Nutritional yeast
Virtual Reality meditations

Wellness holidays

Chinese medicine

No make-up

Happy Hair ( no shampoo!)

Ugly fruit ( as food wate becomes more and more unacceptable we will see more irregular and blemished fruit and veg on the shelves ) and yay to that!

Sensory meditation – sound will be used for healing too in sound baths and scent and light will also be used to promote all round sensory well-being

Women only communal gatherings



Can you think of any more wellness trends?



wellness trends feature post



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  1. August 27, 2017 / 7:28 am

    No shampoo? Not for me. How on earth do you keep our hair from being greasy and smelling ghastly without even a small amount of shampoo? And although I say it myself, I’ve been complimented on my good skin (still without too many wrinkles) and I’ve used makeup for the past 60 years since I was in my early teens. It’s cleansing that counts, and makeup actually protects the face. I don’t mean plaster it on but just a light coating of moisturizer and foundation is acceptable, surely? OK for a 20-something to forego makeup, most 20-somethings have lovely, blemish and wrinkle-free skin, but a bit of help is what I need at my age, ha ha!

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