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Great 1000 Piece Puzzles for a Jigsaw Loving Family

Do you feel daunted when faced with 1000 piece puzzles are you part of a jigsaw loving family that just cherishes the opportunity to rise to such an epic puzzle challenge?

We are huge jigsaw fans in our house and nothing makes us come together more than a puzzle of some kind.

And a jigsaw? Well, it is perfect, isn’t it?

I have a lot of time for jigsaws l – let me tell you why we are most definitely a jigsaw loving family who never baulks at the thought of 1000 piece puzzles.


1000 Piece Puzzles for a Jigsaw Loving Family


The 10 benefits of a 1000 piece puzzles for a jigsaw loving family

  1. For the cost of a jigsaw, you get hours and hours and even days worth of entertainment – which makes it awesome value for money
  2. You can spend 5 minutes playing it or 5 hours – however long you have got is always enough time to have a play with a jigsaw
  3. It suits every personality type, from speedy can’t focus for long types to those who can sit for hours and never get bored. It suits people who love to dive right in and those that love to plan. My daughter likes to attack certain areas of her puzzle whilst I like to line up the edges first. It suits us all.
  4. Images can be really pleasing. We often do seasonal 1000 pieced puzzles and they get us in the mood for the season e.g winter images conjure up thoughts of hot chocolate and Christmas and snowman and spring images make us think of beautiful flowers, baby lambs and Easter eggs. It is the perfect way to help you look towards and embrace the new season
  5. It gets kids off screens and is a great way to encourage them to do something with you and have a chat in the process and puzzle come with all sorts of topics or imaginations to enchant them. You can dsee a range of 100o piece puzzles here.
  6. It works for each and every member of the family from the youngest to the oldest and is a brilliant way to get kids connecting with their grandparents or to get siblings bonding.
  7. Jigsaws can be played with again and are just entertaining second and third-time round and just as hard.
  8. People who drop into your home cannot help but pick up a piece of your jigsaw puzzle and try and fit it in. They are just so enticing. A lovely ice-breaker too if people are feeling a little socially awkward.
  9. You can create custom jigsaws of your own photos and this makes such a personalised and thoughtful gift and is a lovely thing to give as a present. It can capture a memory of on occasion or of a place, perhaps a holiday? Or it can just be a lovely photo of your pets or the whole family together.  Such a special gift idea. Over at Fine Art America, you can upload your own photos to create custom photo puzzles in either 500 or 1000 piece puzzles
  10. The last benefit of 1000 piece puzzles is the brain training advantage,…doing a jigsaw puzzle keeps your brain sharp and your observational skills fine-tuned..it is a fitness workout for your neural pathways.

1000 Piece Puzzles for a Jigsaw Loving Family


1000 piece puzzles make for a cosy happy winter

Lockdown and the winter months mean more than ever we are looking for ways to stay entertained indoors and a lovely family jigsaw set up on a table in your home is a wonderful idea/

Have you don’t a jigsaw recently?  I think it is the perfect winter family activity and such a lovely way to bring you all together,



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