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12 Stroller Hacks to Use Your Stroller Efficiently

Stroller Hacks – A baby stroller is no doubt a baby essential, but sometimes, you may find yourself wondering if you can make the most out of your baby gear. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your stroller more useful and convenient. 


Stroller Hacks


Listed below are 12 of the most useful stroller hacks. These tips will make your life easier when you’re pushing your baby in the best 3 wheel stroller or even 4-wheeled ones.

#1 Zip Ties On Stroller Wheels

You can put on zip ties around the wheels to give them extra traction. This is especially helpful during winter months, or when you need to traverse slippery terrains. However, make sure to cut off any excess to ensure safe use.

#2 Use Ankle Weights

Many parents often worry about strollers tipping back with many shopping bags hanging at the back of the stroller, so using ankle weights is an easy yet effective solution. Just wrap the ankle weight at the front wheels to help balance out the weight.

#3 Grip Tape The Handles

Handlebar grips can improve your stroller’s grip when pushing but with long-term usage, the original handlebar grip may suffer from wear and tear. You can easily remedy this by adding grip tape to the handles.

#4 Carabiners For Shopping Bags

Need a way to carry more shopping bags? Simply attach carabiners to the handles of your stroller. They’re cheap and durable and will save you from carrying multiple items. You can also use them to hang your keys, water bottle, or bag. Be sure to also use ankle weights to prevent stroller from tipping due to the extra weights though.

#5 Sticker Your Stroller

Not everyone in your family is familiar with your stroller and how to use it, so using stickers to indicate how they should fold and unfold the stroller or use the brakes will be helpful.

#6 DIY Stroller Handle Extension

Some strollers may not have extendable handles to cater to parents of different heights. This doesn’t mean you have to replace your stroller – you can extend the handles yourself by DIY-ing the extension with the use of PVC pipes or other creative means. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made stroller handler extensions too.

Stroller Hacks

#7 Shower Caps For Dirty Wheels

Your baby’s stroller may be going all over the place, and when it’s time to keep it in the car, sometimes the wheels may be dirtying your car seat or interior. A quick fix to this will be to use shower caps to wrap the wheels.

#8 Hang Stroller When Not In Use

If you don’t have much space at home to store your stroller, a good way to keep it is to hang the stroller behind the door, or if you have a garage, hanging behind the garage door works too. 

#9 Cup Straps

A sippy cup leash will prevent flying cups by your kid and save you time and effort from picking them up from the ground.

#10 Lock Stroller With Bike Locks

For extra security, you can add a bike lock to your stroller to prevent the stroller from being stolen. It’s small and easy to install. This is helpful especially when you need to park your stroller in public and you are worried about the stroller going missing.

#11 Keep Baby Cool With Stroller Fan

On some days, the weather outside can be too warm and stuffy, so getting a battery-operated stroller fan will help to keep your baby cool as you stroll outdoors.

#12 Reflective Tapes For Extra Visibility

One of the most important things when using a stroller is to keep your child safe! By attaching reflective tapes to your stroller, you can be seen better at night.


Using a stroller can be made more convenient with the above twelve stroller hacks and tips. Hope these tips improve your stroller experience to have a more convenient trip with your baby!



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