12 things you need to do in advance of moving

12 things you need to do in advance of moving, need to do before moving house


We’ve all been there, moving house while trying to remember all the last minute jobs that need sorting. This can be a very stressful time, and with a whole range of admin that needs to happen before those new keys fit into the door, you may be wondering where in the world to start. If you’re in search of a few tips to get you through that first week of moving, look no further…

1) Update your driving licence

You have a legal obligation to let the DVLA know of any change of address. You can apply online or by post and a new driving licence with your brand new address on will be posted to you free of charge.

2) Move your TV licence

If you’re eager to watch the new season of The Bake Off, don’t dilly dally with the TV licence. A quick phone call or email is all it takes for your license to be transferred over to your new address, so you won’t need to miss out.

3) Forward medical records to your new GP

If you’re moving far enough away to warrant a new doctor’s surgery, make sure to have your medical records transferred over. This is as simple as registering at your new doctor’s office and telling them the name and address of your previous surgery.

4) Sort change of address

There are going to be a lot of places you need to contact with your new address, but before they get around to updating your details you can put a re-direct on your mail. Choose to redirect for a few months and sleep easy knowing you won’t miss that upcoming bill or bank statement.

5) Sort out utilities

Make sure to call up whoever your provider is and tell them your moving date so they don’t overcharge you for your usage. You may also need to provide final meter readings before heading off. You could also try using a smart meter in your new home, which shows you exactly how much gas and electricity you’re using down to the very pence.

6) Update your home insurance

Before you move it’s important to update your home insurance, so you know if anything happens to the property you’ll be covered. A change of address means you might also have to pay a larger sum, or potentially a smaller amount depending on where you live and the size of your home.

7) Take things to the charity shop

Moving is a great excuse to get rid of a few unused items. Whether it’s that unused bookcase or a wardrobe full of old clothes, there will be several charity shops in your area only too happy to take them off your hands.

8) Separate your valuables

Moving house is stressful enough without the added pressure of keeping tabs on expensive jewellery and items that are most precious to you. Add these to a separate safe box and make sure it comes with you in the car when you move – that way you know your valuables are well looked after.

9) Book time off work

The last thing you need during a busy move is to be at work 9-5. If possible, it may be a good idea to take a few days off work around your move so you’ll have all the time you need to get your new home into working order. After all, there’s no point making the week more stressful by only having the evenings to move if it can be avoided.

10) Arrange child/pet care

It’s going to be a busy week, and if you have any little ones to take care of who aren’t yet in school, or any household pets, you’ll need someone available to look after them. See if any family or close friends are around, or send your furry friends to a kennel or cattery for the week.

11) Update your financial services

When you move it can seem like there’s a whole host of organisations you need to keep in the loop. A few easily-forgotten-about groups are your financial institutions. Call your bank and tell them of the change and update your tax records on-line with HMRC. You’ll also need to inform your current and new council authority, and any credit card companies.

12) Update your contacts

Lastly, let your friends and family know about your move with a group email, Whatsapp message, Facebook chat or even sweet personalised cards if you have the time.

Don’t let moving house stress you out. Enjoy your move and stay on top of your admin jobs by using this simple check-list. Why not save it in your file? You never know when you’ll be needing it again.



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