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125 Best Badass Quotes – Top Motivational Captions

Here are 125 badass quotes to keep you motivated and to keep you strong. Now straighten that crown and hold yourhead high! You have got this.


125 Badass Quotes to make you STRONGER

“I’m not a victim of circumstance; I’m a creator of my destiny.” – Unknown my current favourite of the badass quotes 

! Let me know your favourite of these motivational quotes for tough times they are all well worth reading.


What’s your badass status? These quotes are for high functioning badasses 

  1. “I’m not a hero. I’m a high-functioning badass.”
  2. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weakness is not what you will remember about me.” – Al Capone
  3. “I may not have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I’ve sure as hell earned a gold one.” – Madonna
  4. “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand
  5. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain
  6. “I am the captain of my fate; I am the master of my soul.” – William Ernest Henley
  7. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill
  8. “I don’t have dreams; I have goals.” – Harvey Specter  (smart women know a safe harbor may be nice but you need to set sail!)
  9. “Be a voice, not an echo.” – Unknown
  10. “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” – Emiliano Zapata  (extraordinary things happen when we live life our own way and take a single step  on a daily basis towards better things) 

Badass Quotes


Badass Quotes for When life is tough

  1. “Life is tough, but I’m tougher.” – Unknown
  2. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein
  3. “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” – Louisa May Alcott
  4. “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela
  5. “I’m not a one in a million kind of girl. I’m a once in a lifetime kind of woman.” – Unknown
  6. “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” – Unknown
  7. “Success is not for the chosen few; it’s for the few who choose it.” – Unknown
  8. “You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.” – Unknown
  9. “I am the storm.” – Unknown
  10. “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” – Thomas Jefferson
Tough people are only people, they don’t have the least fails but oh wow! they come back strong.  You can still have integrity of purpose and be a badass – you are just taking on life in a honest way and ditching the people pleasing. it certainly keeps life interesting


Life is a badass quotes

I’m thinking about your badass bios now! Are you living a fierce life ? What badass captions define how you live?

  1. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller
  2. “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll
  3. “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln
  4. “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey
  5. “Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.” – Sarah Louise Delany
  6. “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson
  7. “Life is tough, but so are you.” – Unknown
  8. “Life is too short to be anything but happy.” – Unknown
  9. “Life is about making an impact, not making an income.” – Kevin Kruse
  10. “Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.” – Oliver Goldsmith

(at the end of the day life is FULL of difficult times and difficult things but we need to be a doer of deeds and face our greatest fears  in our daily life) 

How to be a badass?

Are you wondering how those badass quotes for guys and girls just seem to trip off people tongues  and yet for you it might feel hard. Well no fear here is how to be a badass and fill your own feed with badass Instagram captions – powerful women ands powerful men just love them!

Being a “badass” is subjective and can mean different things to different people. However, here are some general tips that can help you develop a confident and empowered attitude:

  1. Embrace self-confidence: Believe in yourself and your abilities. Recognize your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses.
  2. Be authentic: Stay true to yourself and your values. Don’t try to please everyone or conform to societal expectations. Embrace your uniqueness and express yourself authentically.
  3. Set goals and take action: Identify your goals and create a plan to achieve them. Take consistent action towards your goals, even when faced with challenges or setbacks.
  4. Step out of your comfort zone: Push yourself to try new things and face your fears. Growth happens when you step outside of your comfort zone and embrace challenges.
  5. Develop resilience: Life is full of ups and downs. Cultivate resilience by learning from failures, bouncing back from setbacks, and adapting to change.
  6. Take care of yourself: Prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, and practicing mindfulness or relaxation techniques.
  7. Stand up for yourself: Be assertive and set boundaries. Learn to communicate your needs and opinions confidently without being disrespectful or aggressive.
  8. Learn from your mistakes: View mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning. Take responsibility for your actions, learn from your failures, and use them to improve yourself.
  9. Surround yourself with positive influences: Surround yourself with people who inspire and support you. Build a network of friends and mentors who encourage you to be your best self.
  10. Embrace a positive mindset: Adopt a positive outlook on life and focus on the good things. Practice gratitude and maintain a positive attitude even in challenging situations.


How to be a badass quotes

  1. “Be the kind of badass that makes other people want to step up their game.” – Unknown
  2. “A badass is not defined by the tattoos they wear or the motorcycles they ride; it’s in their spirit, their attitude, and the way they carry themselves.” – Unknown
  3. “Being a badass doesn’t mean you have to be tough or aggressive; it means being confident, authentic, and unapologetically yourself.” – Unknown
  4. “Being a badass is about facing your fears, chasing your dreams, and never giving up, no matter what obstacles come your way.” – Unknown
  5. “A badass doesn’t wait for opportunities; they create them.” – Unknown
  6. “Be the badass who is kind, humble, and compassionate, but never let anyone take advantage of your kindness.” – Unknown
  7. “A badass knows their worth and refuses to settle for anything less than they deserve.” – Unknown
  8. “Being a badass means owning your mistakes, learning from them, and using them as stepping stones to success.” – Unknown
  9. “A badass is not someone who puts others down; they lift others up and inspire them to be their best selves.” – Unknown

badass captions

Are you a badass? (a bad ass kicking individual! (source


Short badass quotes for Instagram

  1. “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” – Paul Brandt
  2. “I’m not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Stephen Covey
  3. “You can’t spell awesome without ME.” – Unknown
  4. “I don’t need a knight in shining armor; I have my own sword.” – Unknown
  5. “I’m not afraid to be alone; I’m afraid of being with someone who makes me feel alone.” – Unknown
  6. “Don’t wait for the storm to pass; learn to dance in the rain.” – Unknown
  7. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller
  8. “I didn’t come this far to only come this far.” – Unknown
  9. “If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.” – Unknown
  10. “I’m not a princess; I’m a queen.” – Unknown 
  11. See me – of course you do
  12. Too hot to handle
  13. In my own power
  14. I stand for – myself
  15. I am the author of my own life –  my favorite quote ( if you want an easy life scroll social media – if you want an amazing life – live!)

A  strong man stumbles but quickly gets back up!


Badass Quotes for those who don’t need to fit in (the best badass quotes)

  1. “I’m not here to fit into your world; I’m here to create my own.” – Unknown
  2. “Success is not about the destination; it’s about the journey.” – Zig Ziglar
  3. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” – John C. Maxwell
  4. “I’m a lover and a fighter; I’ll fight for what I love.” – Unknown
  5. “Fear is not real; it is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me: Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.” – Will Smith
  6. “It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” – Rocky Balboa
  7. “I don’t follow dreams; I hunt goals.” – Unknown
  8. “My life is my message.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  9. “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” – John D. Rockefeller
  10. “She remembered who she was and the game changed.” – Lalah Delia


Superhero badass quotes (release your inner badass!)

  1. “I am my own superhero.” – Unknown
  2. “Be a badass with a good heart.” – Unknown
  3. “It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.” – Elizabeth Kenny
  4. “Success is not just about making money. It’s about making a difference.” – Unknown
  5. “I am the architect of my own destiny.” – Unknown
    (little things add up to the triumph of high achievement)
  6. “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.” – Unknown
  7. “Life is tough, darling, but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett-Henry
  8. “I don’t have time for regrets; I’m too busy making things happen.” – Unknown
  9. “You were born to be a player. You were meant to be here. This moment is yours.” – Herb Brooks
  10. “I’m not here to fit in; I’m here to stand out.” – Unknown


Badass Quotes


Being odd badass quotes

  1. “I’m not a one in a million kind of woman. I’m a once in a lifetime kind of adventure.” – Unknown
  2. “You have to be odd to be number one.” – Dr. Seuss
  3. “Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn
  4. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” – Invictus by William Ernest Henley
  5. “I don’t compete; I dominate.” – Unknown
  6. “I am fearless because I’ve been afraid. I am wise because I’ve been foolish. I am strong because I’ve been weak.” – Unknown
  7. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  8. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” – Albert Schweitzer
  9. “I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination.” – Unknown
  10. “I’m not a backup plan. I’m the plan.” – Unknown


Badass quotes for grafters

  1. “The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.” – Unknown
  2. “I don’t need permission; I need respect.” – Unknown
  3. “A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.” – Gina Carey
  4. “If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.” – Unknown
  5. “I am my own boss.” – Unknown
  6. “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” – Unknown
  7. “I never lose. Either I win or I learn.” – Unknown
  8. “You have to be fearless to have success.” – Serena Williams
  9. “I’m not here to be average; I’m here to be awesome.” – Unknown
  10. “I’m not a beauty queen; I’m a warrior queen.” – Unknown


Badass quotes for winners

  1. “The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra
  2. “I’m not a follower; I’m a leader.” – Unknown
  3. “You can’t break a woman who knows her worth.” – Unknown
  4. “I’m not interested in competing; I’m interested in winning.” – Unknown
  5. “Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring.” – Lorrin L. Lee
  6. “I don’t need validation; I need inspiration.” – Unknown
  7. “I’m not afraid of the storm; I am the storm.” – Unknown
  8. “Success is not about the destination; it’s about the journey.” – Unknown
  9. This is me – The Greatest Showman
  10. “I’m not here to be liked; I’m here to be respected.” – Unknown


Badass quotes of those who create the future

  1. “I’m not waiting for the storm to pass; I’m learning to dance in the rain.” – Unknown
  2. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker
  3. “I’m not here to fit in; I’m here to stand out.” – Unknown
  4. “I’m not a damsel in distress; I’m the dragon.” – Unknown
  5. “Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion; you must set yourself on fire.” – Arnold H. Glasow
  6. “I’m not just a pretty face; I’m a force to be reckoned with.” – Unknown
  7. “She believed she could, so she did.” – Unknown
  8. “I’m not here to be ordinary; I’m here to be extraordinary.” – Unknown
  9. “The best revenge is massive success.” – Unknown
  10. “I’m not a one-hit wonder; I’m a legacy.” – Unknown


Badass Quotes


Badass Quotes  to Inspire your Future

  1. “I’m not a princess; I’m a queen.” – Unknown ( the best of the short badass girl quotes) 
  2. “I’m not defined by my past; I’m inspired by my future.” – Unknown
  3. “Success is not about the destination; it’s about the journey.” – Unknown
  4. “I’m not a victim; I’m a survivor.” – Unknown
  5. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs
  6. “I’m not here to fit in; I’m here to stand out.” – Unknown
  7. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” – Albert Schweitzer
  8. “I’m not a backup plan; I’m the only plan.” – Unknown
  9. “I’m not waiting for someone to bring me flowers; I’m growing my own garden.” – Unknown
  10. “Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.” – Unknown


Final thoughts

I hope you feel inspired by these 120 badass quotes! You might also like my post on how to be your most confident self. 



Badass savage quotes for the win!


Remember, these badass quotes are meant to inspire and empower you. Choose the ones that resonate with you the most and use them as motivation in your own life. Stay badass!

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