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13 Easy Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day – lets take a look. 


ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

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Easy Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

Are you looking to transform your kitchen in one day?

If you are a DIY Diva and are unhappy with the look of your kitchen, you can take the day off and design the look you always wanted. Instead of spending a fortune on remodelling and renovation, new cabinets, and surfaces, you can use your DIY skills to add colour and style and create the ultimate sanctuary for the nights when you cook tea and relax.

From easy decoration ideas to colourful accessories and seating arrangements, there are so many things you can do on a budget that will make a huge difference. All you need is your creativity, your imagination, and your two hands.


Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

A List of Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

Ready? Check out the below list for inspiration on how to transform your kitchen in one day.


Wall Decals as a ways to transform your kitchen in one day 

To quickly transform your walls, you can use wall decals instead of pictures that need hanging.

You can buy them in your local DIY store, and create a unique frame for your shopping list display, or add a quote of your choice. The good news is that you can use wall decals to cover imperfections on your wall or even stains.

If you have wallpaper, make sure that you change them to one that is suitable for kitchen use, and it can be wiped clean, and use a strong paste, so the steam coming from your hob doesn’t damage it by the seams. Wall decals can be used over your door to point people in the right direction, or just for fun.



Crochet Teapot Cosy to transform your kitchen

Those with a cottage style kitchen can improve their kitchen style by crocheting a unique teapot cosy, and a few for the mugs.

You can even crochet your own placemats or drink coaster, and create a perfect rustic style. You can add decoration, such as colourful flowers or shells, and entertain your guests in style.

There is nothing nicer on cold winter nights than sitting down with a warm cup of tea and enjoying a great conversation with your friends. Use your imagination to find the perfect colour combination for your home and kitchen.

Tile Stickers can easily transform your kitchen in one day



If you don’t want to replace your tiles, and would do anything to avoid the mess, you can transform then with tile stickers. Add a few kitchen-themed pictures, and you have a new kitchen with more colour and fun. The good news is that tile stickers work on any type of tile, no matter if it is flat or not.

Add a teapot pattern to your rustic style kitchen, or a modern, geometric sticker if you live in a contemporary home. For just a few pounds, you can transform your walls and add patterns and colour to your dull and tired-looking kitchen.


While replacing your kitchen units might be your final goal, sometimes having the doors and the drawer faces resprayed might do the job. You can do the work yourself, or get a professional company to complete the job in a day.

If you have natural, unpainted cabinets made of real wood, you can simply change the shade and colour by adding a new lick of protective wax. In case you have cabinets with plastic-based paint, you will need to make sure that you choose the right type of paint that will be distributed evenly on the surface.

Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day with Chalkboard Paint

To make your kitchen look more cosy and friendly, you can buy chalkboard paint to display your daily menu or add messages to your family members. Chalkboard paint is great for transforming your everyday kitchen into a stylish diner on a budget.


Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day


You can create your own frame and choose any shape you want to cover with chalkboard paint. If you have a small kitchen and would like to save space, you might transform one of your cabinet doors into a chalkboard display. Alternatively, use the paint on the inside of the doors to display your favourite recipes.

Vintage Displays as a ways to transform your kitchen in one day 


Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day 


You can visit car boot sales or flea markets in your area to pick up some rustic spoons, pots, and jars. Use a recycled or reclaimed wooden planter, glass bottle holder, or pallette to make a shelf and a rack. Dip dye different spoons and make a pattern of them on your wall, or get a shelf that shows off your hand-painted plates.

You can also use old frying pans after giving them the perfect rustic, distressed look. If you live by the coast, you can get some driftwood to create a hook for your displays in the kitchen.

Add colour to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

A lick of paint every 12-24 months doesn’t do any harm. If you would like your kitchen to look brighter and more modern, add a splash of green or yellow. White on white doesn’t look very inspirational. Add a contrast to your white kitchen units, by matching the colour of your floor. If you have laminate flooring in the kitchen, you can change it yourself in less than a day, and add a bit of sparkle.

Personalized Placemats and Seats


Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

In case your kitchen is the usual choice for family dinners and conversations over breakfast, there is no better way of getting people to feel relaxed and at home than creating personalized placemats.

In case you are good with the brush, you can paint everyone’s name on the blank cork surface and add a water-resistant surface paint to protect the writing.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an artist to create personalized placemats; use kids’ sponge patterns to “print” your letters. Having a seat cushion for yourself might also be a great idea; get some Foam and sew your own covers, so everyone finds their place at the table.

Rake Glass Holder

Have an old rake? Short of shelves when it comes to champagne and wine glasses? You can upcycle your rake head and paint it a vivid colour.

Attach it on your wall upside-down, and voila! You have your very own unique glass holder that every guest will admire. You can use your old garden ornaments for an upcycle project, for example, a distressed looking pot to hold all your wooden spoons. Get creative, add colour, and get more storage in your kitchen.

Transform your Kitchen with an Upcycled Spice Holder

You can buy some old pallets cheap, and turn them into a stunning spice rack. Find a few old drawers by visiting your local charity shop and turn them sideways. You could paint them your favourite colour, and store your spices, sauces, or even ornaments.

Get a metal cabinet from an office clearance, and remove the drawers to attach them to the inside of your kitchen cupboards.

This will create a lightweight storage solution for all your favourite items. Hunt for an old wooden chest of drawers. You could use the wood to create the ultimate spice rack or kitchen utensil holder for your house.


Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

Wooden Spoon Display

One of the cheapest ways of adding colour is by creating a display. You can buy some old wooden spoons or get some cheap in different sizes, and paint them in funky colours. You might add different patterns to them, so you can create the perfect upbeat style. Whether you want to add a few wooden plates as well for decoration is up to you, but you will certainly make a statement. A wooden spoon display will create a central focal point in your kitchen, and help you express your personality.

Transform Your Kitchen In One Day with DIY Coffee, Tea, and Sugar Storage

You might recycle your old glass jars and turn them into something beautiful by using glass paint.  Might you add writing, graphic, or simply buy a self-adhesive sticker to make your kitchen look more colourful. You might also use coffee jars, or old pots and add raised letter writing to them. Paint them in different colours, so you can easily tell where your coffee, your tea bags, and sugar are hiding in the kitchen. Recycle your mason jars to create unique candle holders to display on your shelves.

Ways to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day

Carbon Fibre Splashback

In case you are unhappy with your current wall surface and find it dull, you  can spruce up the look of your kitchen for less than you think. You can get carbon fibre splashbacks cut to size, and attach them over your hob, and even above your kitchen sink.

Choose a colour that compliments your current style, or add a bit of sparkle. The shiny surface will be much easier to clean than a painted wall or the grout between your tiles.  If you don’t have to put up with weeks of a mess while your kitchen is being renovated.

Hide your pipes and fixtures, and enjoy a modern home.


In conclusion – you really can transform your kitchen in one day

Whether you are bored with the look of your kitchen or would like to impress your friends, there are several ways you can add colour and style in just a day. Get creative, visit your charity shops, and make sure you book a day off for completing the projects. Turn your tired looking cupboards into something beautiful. You could dress your table, and add decoration even an interior designer would be proud of. Enjoy meaningful conversations and cooking in your kitchen more by learning how to Transform Your Kitchen In One Day


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