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15 Funniest home decorations that we don’t know if went too well or too wrong

When it comes to home decor, everyone has their unique taste and style. Some people prefer minimalism, using oak photo frames and sweet-smelling candles, while others enjoy vibrant and eclectic designs using fancy led lights and exotic wallpapers. However, there are times when homeowners take their creativity to a whole new level, resulting in amusing and perplexing home decorations. This article presents 15 of the funniest home decorations that leave us wondering if they went too well or too wrong.



Funniest home decorations



  1. The Upside-Down Room: Imagine entering a room where everything hangs from the ceiling, from the furniture to the chandeliers. This unconventional decoration might be a fantastic conversation starter, but it could also leave guests feeling a bit disoriented. Walking on the “ceiling” and sitting on upside-down chairs would surely make for an interesting experience.
  2. The Overgrown Garden Bathroom: For nature enthusiasts, bringing the outdoors inside can be a delightful concept. However, covering every inch of the bathroom walls with ivy and turning the sink into a miniature pond might make you question whether you’re using the facilities or taking a stroll through a rainforest. While it’s undoubtedly a unique and adventurous design, you might need to watch out for wildlife joining you during your bathroom visits.
  3. The Puzzling Carpet: Who needs traditional patterns and solid colours when you have a carpet that doubles as a gigantic puzzle? While rearranging the pieces and creating new designs may be fun, it can also lead to confusion, especially if a crucial puzzle piece goes missing. You might find yourself constantly searching for that elusive piece to complete the puzzle.
  4. The Flying Saucer Living Room: In an attempt to add a touch of extraterrestrial charm, some homeowners opt for a spaceship-inspired living room. With circular couches, metallic walls, and a glass dome ceiling, it’s a unique experience that makes you wonder if you accidentally stepped into a sci-fi movie set. Just be prepared for unexpected encounters with aliens or frequent requests to be transported to another planet.
  5. The Upside-Down Tree: Many people enjoy decorating their homes with Christmas trees during the holiday season. However, some individuals take a different approach by suspending a tree from the ceiling, roots up. It’s a whimsical sight that challenges gravity and traditional decor norms. The question remains: does Santa Claus know how to navigate an upside-down tree?
  6. The Mirror Maze Hallway: Mirrors can create an illusion of spaciousness and add a touch of elegance to any home. But when an entire hallway is transformed into a mirror maze, it can become a perplexing and disorienting experience. Navigating through this hallway might require a good sense of direction or a trail of breadcrumbs. Be prepared to have some fun and potentially get lost in your own house.
  7. The Theme Park Kitchen: For those who adore amusement parks, turning their kitchen into a mini version might seem like a dream come true. From roller coaster-inspired countertops to popcorn-shaped light fixtures, every aspect screams fun. However, cooking dinner might feel like you’re preparing meals in a carnival booth. Just don’t forget to clean up after the imaginary guests!
  8. The Bathtub on the Ceiling: Some creative individuals install a bathtub on the ceiling to maximise floor space. While it’s undoubtedly a conversation starter, taking a relaxing bath might require a few acrobatic skills and a strong sense of balance. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for any leaks or unexpected floods from above.
  9. The Invisible Table: When minimalism goes to the extreme, you might end up with an invisible table. Constructed with transparent materials, this table blends seamlessly into its surroundings. While it might look fascinating, guests may find it.
  10. The Fish Tank Floor: Why settle for a small fish tank when you can have an entire floor dedicated to aquatic life? Walking on glass while observing swimming fish beneath your feet might be a surreal experience, but it could also make you feel like you’re constantly tip-toeing around. Just make sure to watch your step to avoid any unexpected slip-ups.
  11. The Bookshelf Staircase: Combining functionality and creativity, some homeowners design staircases that double as bookshelves. It’s a brilliant space-saving solution, but guests might find themselves too engrossed in browsing the titles to reach the upper floor. Just be careful not to stumble on a book while climbing the stairs!
  12. The Graffiti Bedroom: For rebellious souls and street art enthusiasts, transforming a bedroom into a graffiti haven can be an exciting idea. However, you might want to ensure your parents or landlord are on board before going all out with the spray paint. While it’s undeniably an expression of personal style, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to a peaceful sleep environment.
  13. The Neon Jungle: Some homeowners have made it a reality if you’ve ever dreamt of living in a neon jungle. With fluorescent plants, bright neon lights, and bold colours, stepping into this home feels like entering a psychedelic wonderland. However, you might want to keep a pair of sunglasses handy for those particularly vibrant evenings.
  14. The Upside-Down Wall Art: Forget about hanging paintings conventionally on walls. Some homeowners prefer to challenge gravity and perspective by mounting their artwork upside down. It’s an unconventional twist that will surely leave guests scratching their heads and questioning their sense of orientation.
  15. The Giant Animal Sculptures: Who needs regular-sized decor when you can have enormous animal sculptures adorning your living room? Whether it’s a massive giraffe or a colossal elephant, these oversized pieces make a bold statement. Just ensure your ceiling is high enough, and your guests are prepared for a close encounter with wildlife within the confines of your home.


In the world of home decor, creativity knows no bounds. These 15 amusing and thought-provoking home decorations certainly push the boundaries of what is considered conventional. Whether they went too far or hit the mark just right is a matter of personal taste and perspective. Nevertheless, they serve as a reminder that our homes can be a canvas for self-expression and a source of laughter and wonder for ourselves and our guests.


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