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15 Best tips to make moving house easier

Tips to make moving house easier – all you need to know.


15 tips to make moving house easier



Tips to make moving house easier

Are you looking for tips to make moving house easier?

I have 15 fabulous moving house hacks for you today, I do hope they help!

1) Repeat after me – you can not do this alone – and nor should you. The easiest way to make house moving easily is to rope in your friends and family. Have a mass packing box and labelling day then on moving day rope them all in again. This will reduce your workload dramatically

2) Book time off work before and after. You will need it.

3) Nook any mover in well in advance and confirm nearer the time too. You do not want to be let down by your movers.

4)  If you are looking at moving yourself then DO  check out Shiply for a man with a van or a large item courier as they are like eBay but for moving goods. They are a  great way to save money on moving big and heavy items.

5) Consider moving on a day when the kids aren’t around so you can really concentrate on the job at hand and aren’t having to worry about meal times or keeping them safe.

6) Take a photo of the back of your telly /consoles so you know how to set them up again


Tips to make moving house easier

Tips to make moving house easier


More tips to make moving house easier

7) Pack bedding, stuff for tea, toilet roll and toiletries all in one essentials box that goes in your car. That way amidst all the chaos you will at least have the first night sorted.

8) label items be room as well as objects so anyone helping you move knows exactly where to put the boxes

9) Another option is to number the boxes and list what is in them

10) Do try and clean your new house before you move in but don’t worry too much about the floors. So many people will be walking in and out on moving day. Put a ground sheet down if its wet!

11) If your kids are with you then pack them each a backpack with snacks and entertainment to keep them occupied.

12) Leave a welcome card for new people with your new address/a mobile if anything lands there or if there are any issues.

13) Moving day can be chaotic pack medications, birth certificates etc in a lockbox and keep with a responsible person for you to pick up later.

14) Have the local takeaway number and paper plates ready to go for that first night

15) Take some deep breaths. It always gets done in the ned and millions of people a year move house all over the world. keep it in perspective and try and not stress out.  If deep breaths fail I say stock up on coffee and chocolate to get you through the day!

Good luck on your move!

I do hope these tips to make moving house easier help you out!



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