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17 Brilliant Benefits of Hammocks

I have been looking into the benefits of hammocks recently having just reviewed a gorgeous one from Van Haus. It is amazing how good a hammock is for you!

The one person cotton hammock with stand from Von Haus really has been a huge asset to our little family garden this summer.It has a 100% striped cotton canvas which gives it the perfect seaside look and which is beautifully on trend. It also has rope ties to complete the nautical appeal. It comes with a super sturdy steel frame which my son and I assembled easily in minutes. There are no trees in our garden so we can put it where we like which is a huge bonus.  And it’s portability makes it ideal to follow the sunshine as it moves throughout the day.  I love the frame has no screws and will be speedy to take down at summers end too.

It feels strong, secure and conformable and we are getting a lot of use out of it (when the rain stays away!) So much fun to chill in and take some time away from the hustle or bustle. 

Size: 290cm X 93cm X 112cm.

Weight Capacity: 120kg


Benefits of Hammocks


We love it!

I know that there are many benefits to owning a hammock. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant.


Benefits of Hammocks

Hammocks offer a wide range of benefits that contribute to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Here are some of my favourite:


  1. Improved sleep: The gentle rocking motion of a hammock can promote deeper, more restful sleep. I found that spending an hour in my garden chilling in the hammock really, deeply relaxed me. 
  2. Stress reduction: Swinging in a hammock can help reduce stress and induce a sense of peace and lower anxiety. It’s hard to be agitated when you are in your hammock.
  3. Enhanced concentration: The rhythmic movement can also apparently improve focus and concentration. Isn’t that interesting!
  4. Pain relief: Hammocks have been proven to provide excellent support, reducing pressure on joints and muscles, which can help alleviate pain. I struggle with my back sometimes because I work so long at my desk so this can really help.
  5. Better circulation: Elevating the feet while lying in a hammock can aid blood circulation. Any excuse to chill!
  6. Improved posture: Hammocks that support the body’s natural curves can encourage proper alignment and better posture. My posture has taken a hammering from computer works so this is really useful.
  7. Low impact on the environment: Hammocks have a minimal ecological footprint compared to traditional beds. Yay!
  8. Versatility: Hammocks can be set up indoors or outdoors, making them versatile for use in various environments.  
  9. Portable: Many hammocks are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for camping and traveling. And, as I mentioned above, you can chase the sun. 
  10. Social bonding: Hammocks provide a cozy and comfortable space for socializing and spending quality time with loved ones. You can get 2 person hammocks too which are great for snuggling.
  11. Sunbathing: When used outdoors, hammocks offer an enjoyable way to soak up some sun and Vitamin D. Bliss
  12. Increased creativity: Relaxing in a hammock can stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills. Fabulous reason for a work break!
  13. Enhanced productivity: Taking short breaks in a hammock can help recharge the mind and boost productivity.
  14. Therapeutic for children with autism or sensory disorders: The gentle swinging can have a calming effect on children with sensory processing challenges.
  15. Less pressure points: Unlike traditional mattresses, hammocks distribute body weight more evenly, reducing pressure on specific points.
  16. Outdoor enjoyment: Hammocks allow people to enjoy the great outdoors more comfortably. I have definitely got out in the garden more since getting our hammock
  17. Hammocks provide the perfect seat to watch the stars or the sunset. 

Benefits of Hammocks


Hammocks really do offer numerous advantages for physical and mental well-being I am so glad we have ours!

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