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UK music habits on the road

UK music habits on the road

UK music habits on the road

Have you ever wondered about UK music habits on the road

We were recently handed over a brief by UK car leasing firm All Car Leasing that we felt that our readers would find really interesting and perhaps surprising. The study is called ‘Blame it on the boogie’ and looks at driver’s music habits and choices on the road. It’s a study with its tongue firmly in its cheek and I am just going to list some of the points they found that I found particularly interesting but I will place the infographic they made and even embed the podcast the team at All Car Leasing recorded covering the study.

  1. More than half of drivers listen to the radio in the car

I wasn’t surprised that Radio was #1 but I was surprised by just how much it led by. More people listen to the radio than their own music services and podcasts combined.



  1. More people would rather listen to nothing than podcasts and audiobooks

To me, this was a bizarre statistic they found. Surely when you’re driving something is better than nothing? Having nothing on in the car was actually the 3rd most popular “music”! Crazy.

  1. BMW drivers love a podcast

BMW drivers were far and away the biggest fans of podcasts on the road. I asked Ronnie, the man (assuming genders here!) behind this study if this was a mistake and he said “It certainly looks strange but there was enough data behind this question to debunk it being a statistical anomaly. If you listen to the podcast episode, we share some idea behind why this was the case.

  1. You can guess what kind of people like it loud and quiet

All Car Leasing created a couple of personas of what kind of people prefer it nice and quiet and who likes it loud. Female Audi drivers aged between 35-45 like it chilled whereas VW driving men aged 25-34 like it loud. No real surprises there!

  1. Women are most likely to blast music in a residential area

Now, here’s a surprise! This stat was absent from the infographic but was mentioned in the blog and the podcast. Just under half of women have blasted music out in an area where people live! This is such an obnoxious thing to do and I am surprised that it’s women who are the biggest culprits!

  1. 72% of people turn their volume down to do a manoeuvre

This is something most of us have done but now All Car Leasing have confirmed just how many of us do it. I’ve seen this as a meme which suggests its daft to do but with 72% of drivers doing it maybe it’s not so daft after all.

They are the 6 biggest points I’ve found but there are so much more from the blog and podcast that I really think you should check out, especially if you’re a driver with a fondness for music of any type! I asked Ronnie what he thought of the campaign; “This isn’t our first campaign but it was the most recent one that we found to be genuinely interesting with results that we didn’t predict! This was one that most people can relate to the most since our previous campaigns involved babies, dogs and social media”.

Have you beenn surprised by these UK music habots on the road?


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