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3 Blues Rock Events in the US All Students Are Looking Forward to This Summer

The end of the academic year is almost over. Everyone is looking forward to finally having some rest and taking the edge off. No doubt, people have already started imagining themselves somewhere on the beach, drinking cocktails and enjoying the fresh breeze of the ocean.

Blues Rock Events in the US


Sounds amazing, but before turning this dream into reality, students have to focus on finals, remaining homework, debts, and essays. Speaking of writing a paper, many people are still struggling with this assignment. 

If you are also stuck at this stage of work and don’t know how to write a paper in the IEEE format, you can use plenty of online services designed to help you with this question. But for now, let’s escape from neverending assignments and university stuff for a while and plunge into another world – the world of music. 

The music follows us everywhere. Everyone has experienced the emotional power of music, which sometimes literally touches one deeply. 

Just like literature teaches us how to be good and respectful to everyone, like the main character from the iconic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” music teaches us to express our emotions much more powerfully than words can. That’s why we suggest you go to some blues-rock concerts this summer and provide you with a list of the most popular bands performing there.


The Black Keys

The Black Keys is a duo formed at the dawn of the 21st century, just in time for the 50th anniversary of rock and roll. They came into music with their own special version of blues-rock. At a time when guitar bands faded into the background, these two self-taught guys from Ohio decided to row against the flood, against common principles. 

In the most run-of-the-mill household conditions, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney created a mesmerizing mix of blues, garage rock, and rock and roll with their wild, primal energy.

Here is the information about their upcoming concerts:

  • Jul. 9; Las Vegas, NV; GRAND GARDEN ARENA
  • Jul. 11; West Valley City, UT; USANA AMPHITHEATRE
  • Jul. 15; Maryland Heights, MO; HOLLYWOOD CASINO AMPHITHEATER
  • Jul. 29; Mansfield, MA; XFINITY CENTER
  • Aug. 28; Huntsville, AL; ORION AMPHITHEATER


Lynyrd Skynyrd

The background of the band started in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1964. The first lineup included Ronald Wayne (Ronnie) Van Zant, Gary Rossington, Allen Collins, Bob Burns, and Larry Junstrom. There were changes in the lineup and the name, but in general, the backbone of the band remained the same. 

In 1974, the band finally reached deserved popularity. It was the year when Sweet Home Alabama was released with its second album (“Second Helping”). It became not just a hit but even the unofficial anthem of the Southern States.

Here are the dates for their concerts held in the US:


  • Jun. 3; Crownsville, MD; LET’S GO MUSIC FESTIVAL
  • Jul. 23; Kingsport, TN; KINGSPORT FUN FEST
  • Jul. 26; Paso Robles, CA; CALIFORNIA MID-STATE FAIR
  • Aug. 7; Sturgis, SD; STURGIS BUFFALO CHIP
  • Aug. 27; Niagara Falls, NY; SENECA NIAGARA CASINO & HOTEL

Blues Rock Events in the US


ZZ Top

One of the brightest and most original blues-rock bands, ZZ Top, has been delighting all listeners with their music for 48 years. Their creativity is a mix of blues-rock and pop music. ZZ Top are the owners of a bright individual image – hats, sunglasses, and long beards of guitarists Dusty Hill and Bill Gibbons.

It was the beards that became the band’s visiting card. The band’s first album, released in 1970, defined the face of the band – blues-rock motifs, greased guitars, broad humor, and Texas slang. The original sound and the external image made ZZ Top the most popular band in the Southern states for several years.

The band gained worldwide popularity after releasing the album “Fandango!” in 1975. Many of the hits from this album became blues-rock classics. But the most successful album of the group was “Eliminator” – they sold more than 10 million copies. As a result, ZZ Top is one of the most commercially successful bands in the United States. They have three multi-platinum albums, seven platinum albums, and eleven gold albums.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a true live blues-rock concert. Check out these dates: 

  • Jun. 5; Jacksonville, OR; BRITT PAVILION
  • Jul. 9; Greenville, WI; GREENVILLE LIONS PARK


Summing Up

Music seems to be at the very core of our relationship with the world. And there is a deep sense in which it helps us make emotional contact with other people and with all things in general. That’s why if you want to experience this deep connection with the world and people with the help of music, we recommend you give a shot to the concerts listed above.

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