3 Dry January Mocktails using Fentimans


January is here and for many people, this is a month of big changes. Often people start January with a desire to kick their health into touch and making a fresh start. After the excesses of Christmas, it is also, for a lot of people, a time to drink and eat less. ‘Dry January’ has been a thing for a while now.

So what is Dry January?

Dry January is the annual movement through which people give up alcohol for the month of January.

It has a huge array of benefits.

Dry January can help you save money, lose weight, feel brighter and clearer headed and it can help you sleep better, it is obvious why it is so popular.

For those who love a drink, it can be a tad boring though so the idea of this post is to bring some fun to Dry January.

I am sure you will have come across Fentimans. Fentimans make natural, botanical drinks and have been doing so for over 100 years. (Fentimans have a rich and fabulous history as a business do take a peek here)

Fentimans drinks are often used as mixers with cocktails but in Dry January they come into their own as stand-alone drinks or as great ingredients for top quality mocktails.

There is a brand new look for the Fentimans’ bottles in 2018, the 125ml bottle previously was green glass but are now all clear glass so you can see the lovely colours of the drinks really well and so they look like more of a family between the size ranges.

Here are some of my favourite of Fentimans premium quality drinks – how delighted I was to be sent some to review and asked to have a go at creating some Mocktails.



I am excited to share these Fentiman Mocktail’s – the first idea comes from Fentimansthemselvesfrom them… and next ideas are from me (and my pal Keeley!)


Elderflower Mocktail ( Fentimans)




275ml Rose Lemonade

20ml HOB Elderflower syrup,

garnished with a sprig of mint



Simply assemble


Keeley Kicks




Hartleys strawberry glitter jelly crystals  (half a pack)

50ml Rose Lemonade

70g tub of Strawberry angel delight

Pomegranate seeds



Add strawberry jelly crystals to boiling water (enough to make the right consistency to set) mix and stir really well.

Pop in the fridge to set for about 3 hours, you don’t want it to be too firm but firm enough to float the strawberry Angel Delight. Then you just add the tub of strawberry angel delight ( yes it now comes pre-made in teeny tubs! )

Next simply sprinkle on some pomegranate seeds and add a pretty spoon. This is a very pudding-y kind of mocktail but the taste of the Rose Lemonade really does come through and it is absolutely delicious.



Five Go Mocktailing ( In homage to the Famous Five’s love of lashings of Ginger beer)



A few drops of orange essence

A couple of handfuls of crushed ice

275ml ginegerbeer (makes 2)



Add the ice, a few drops of orange essence and a little water to a Nutri Bullet and pulse till your ice turns to slush. Immediately add it to your glass and pour on the ginger beer. Garnish with a sprig of mint.



Huge thanks to my good friend Keeley Sutton for her inspiring mocktail ideas! She likes a cocktail or two and is a very stylish woman and she had some fabulous flavour combination ideas. We really could have developed many, many more. This was so much fun – maybe we will make a Mocktail recipe book!



collaborative post


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