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3 Important Factors When Choosing a Yacht for Your Unforgettable Cruise in Croatia

Famous for its scenic, pebble-lined beaches, its stunning architecture, and its historical traditions, the country of Croatia is as captivating as it is popular. If you’re planning a trip any time soon and you just so happen to be a fan of the ocean, you’ll be pleased to hear that Croatia has its own coastline and on the clearest of days, you can even see across to Italy, or so those with high-powered binoculars claim to be able to do. In this article, we’ll be talking about 3 important factors to consider when choosing a yacht for an iconic cruise around the Adriatic Sea – the northernmost region within the Mediterranean Sea.



Finding a Reputable Cruise Provider

No matter the size of the vessel that you choose, from a small fishing charter, right through to a yacht and even a cruise ship – you’ll undoubtedly want to go for a service provider that is as reputable as they are appealing. Yachting in Croatia can be a whole lot of fun when there are no hiccups, and that’s why picking a reliable cruise provider can be so important. Anything less than this and you might be tempted to dive overboard and swim back to the shore – so to avoid any confusion or concerns, take a look at online reviews to learn more about the service that you’re interested in hiring, or feel free to call them to ask any questions that you might have.


Check That They Are Licensed and Insured

One of the most important things that you can do to protect your safety and security, is to find a reliable cruise provider that is both licensed and insured. The license will apply to things like their permission to sail on open waters, as well as the qualifications and certification of the captain in charge of the yacht. The insurance will apply to their coverage, should anything go wrong, such as a guest suffering an injury, or if a problem takes place with the boat. As long as you are covered individually, then you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands – and if anything does take place that wasn’t expected, then you should be looked after.


See Which Amenities Are Included, and Bring the Ones That Are Not

Most yachts will have the standard features that people expect, such as a medical centre or facilities, a bathroom and toilets, food and snacks – but to learn more about what the vessel contains should it be needed, it’s always a good idea to contact the service directly to ask them questions. If you find that they don’t provide food, then you might want to enjoy the option to prepare your own. There are even some yachts that have the crew and captain available for entertainment, whereby passengers like you can sit back and enjoy what they have planned.




Croatia has so much to explore on land and at sea, and the best way to experience the latter is with a team of trained and licensed professionals that understand how to give you a good time, whilst keeping you safe. The waters around Croatia are considered some of the most comfortable in the Mediterranean, and you’ll likely have opportunities to swim, take photos, enjoy food, drinks and music – and with a reliable yachting service at your side, you’ll be able to build memories that will surely last you and your companions a lifetime.

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