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3 Reasons to Lay Artificial Grass in Your Family Garden

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Reasons to Lay Artificial Grass in Your Family Garden

Are you pondering the reasons to lay artificial grass in your family garden?

A new year prompts us to look at what is working in our lives and what isn’t working so well. When we think about our homes, they are essentially the centre of our universes, especially as a family. They are the base we all return to, a place where we should be safe, happy and comfortable.

 This premise doesn’t always extend to our gardens, though. Usually, these are the most neglected features of home. Why? Because there aren’t enough hours in the day and what busy parent really has time to get out and mow the lawn every weekend? Not one the kids have hobbies and play dates and other activities they need ferrying to and from.

 So, if you’re thinking about looking to your garden in the new year, here are 5 reasons why you should consider laying artificial grass inyour family home.

Reasons to lay artificial grass

More Free Time

If your day looks a little bit like this: school run, work, housework, sleep, repeat, we’re betting you’re hard pushed to find the time to mow your lawn, let alone weed it or seed it. Gardens very quickly slip down to the bottom of our ‘to do list’ when we lead busy lives and we can often look out on to our much-neglected garden and think “Where do I begin?”

 Artificial grass takes that weight off your mind. So, youcan enjoy your surroundings and spend quality time with the family all in onego.

Not only that, but it’ll mean less time power washing patios and cleaning muddy footprints from your carpets as, due to the infill that is use when fake grass is laid, there’s no mud underneath that can be tracked through the house after playtime!

Spend Less Money

Families are often run on right budgets, and it can feel a little bit of waste to fritter hard won pennies on lawn maintenance. Even small natural lawns require lawn mowers, garden tools, weed killers and fertilisers to keep them looking at the top of their game – not to mention that cost of watering them over summer so they remain lush!

Artificial grass takes away a whole chunk of expenses that you don’t need or want. When the grass is laid, all it takes is the occasionally brush to keep it looking perky and natural. All that’s left for you to do then is enjoy it!

Upgrade Your Household Aesthetics

It’s always a bit sad in the height of summer when our lawns succumb to the absence of rain and turn yellow and dry. Bare patches appear and no matter how much we try to water it, it just looks like an unsightly pile of hay.

 Artificial lawns stay green all year round, so you can enjoy a lush garden every single day regardless of the weather. As they are manufactured with UV protection, they do not fade when faced with bright sunlight, and they are robust enough to withstand impromptu football matches and gymnastic practice.

Finally, artificial grass is now made to look as natural as possible. From a range of colours on offer to suit your look and a variety of pile heights and densities to choose from, you can customise your lawn to suit your needs to a tee.

There it is. 3 reasons why you should level up your garden with artificial grass. If you’re still on the fence, why not head on over to New Lawn Artificial Grass and hook yourself up with a few FREE samples so you can see it for yourself!

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reasons to lay artificial grass

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