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3 Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

When it comes to home security, we check if the doors are locked, we close downstairs windows and we keep valuables out of site. But as with most things in life, there’s always room for improvement.

We’re going to show you 3 home security tips that you can use to keep your home extra safe and secure. Each of these tips should be used alongside a professional home security system complete with CCTV and intruder alarm to provide you with the highest level of security possible.



Lock your shed/outbuildings

A lot of homeowners neglect the security of their outbuildings, thinking that burglars couldn’t possibly want to steal the bits and bobs stored in there. People don’t realise that items like lawn mowers, power tools and spare parts can fetch a good price.

In addition, sheds, outbuildings and garden rooms aren’t usually attached to the home, so you’re not likely to hear the intruders even if they clatter something on the ground.

In the past, outbuildings have also provided burglars with the necessary tools to break into you actual house. Crowbars and hammers can be used for breaking and entering, so it’s important that you keep these items under lock and key.

Investing in a good quality padlock, add an alarm system and make sure that windows are securely closed and locked in place. These are all vulnerable entry points! Moreover, if you like to be more specific, you may want to invest in a safety deposit box Manchester. Whether you need to safely store high-value items or the important deeds to your home.

Upgrade your gate

Over the years, gates that are in place to protect you home and garden can become warn. Metal gates rust, wooden gates rot, and before you know it, your house is left wide open for burglars to access.

One of the easiest ways to keep your home and belongings safe is to invest in a better access security system/gate. By choosing a gate without slats or gaps, you can stop snooping eyes, this instantly makes your home less appealing to burglars.

Better yet, a solid gate is going to be difficult to climb discreetly, so any burglars that do try their luck will be far easier to spot.

Choosing a gate with a built-in digital security system will allow you to control who enters and exits your home remotely. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re working from home or regularly travelling between your home and the office – you won’t have to get out of the car to open the gate!


3 Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Keep your bike secure

There are a lot of bikes including BMX’s and road bikes that are worth several hundred pounds apiece.

Burglars that want to make a good profit on one item will often go for bikes because they can be re-sold online in a matter of hours. To make the sale more discreet, burglars can even strip bikes down for parts and make a lot of little wins.

For this reason, it’s absolutely vital that you keep your precious bike secure when you’re not using it! A simple bike store & bike lock is all you need to keep your bike secure. If you want something even more discreet, there are a range of smaller bike boxed that will keep your bike out of sight.

These 3 simple home security tips will help to keep your belongings safe 24/7. Investing in a good quality home security system will also help to prevent break-ins and will put your mind at ease.


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