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3 simple changes that make a big impact in the kitchen

Today – changes that make a big impact in the kitchen


Time for a change

When it comes to changing the look of your home you really can make a huge difference with just a few changes. I’m thinking about changes that take minimal effort but create a big impact.

My kitchen has been the same for absolutely years and I cannot begin to tell you how bored I am off it (it probably doesn’t help that I work in my kitchen so it also doubles as an office for me.)

At the moment it has white walls, cream coloured cupboards and pine and a white table. It’s comfy and plain and I used to find it very calming but at the moment I just find it so dull. The trouble is that I am so busy at the moment and I really cannot have my home too disrupted, so changes need to be both minimal and impactful

So where do I start?


The kitchen table

I think our simple kitchen reinvention just has to begin e with the table? Our table is the centre of our kitchen and changing that up would change the vibe considerably.

Modern dining table sets for your space can vary widely and choosing something in a brand new style can alter up your interior decor speedily.




This glass chrome and black set would add a modern edge to our interiors in complete contrast the slightly rustic predominantly wood luck we currently favour.




A white gloss set would add a sleeker look to our kitchen and give it a little sophistication too.


Because a dining table set is such an important part of a room functionally and visually it makes a powerful impression when you change it.


New cupboard doors

I would absolutely prioritise changing up my cupboard doors (which, truth be told,  are all a little wonky and worn) This would also give our kitchen a much needed facelift. I would have glossy white doors with no handles. These really would make the whole kitchen look so much more up to date. This would also tie in of course with my sleek and modern new table.

I would absolutely not DIY these as I really think it is very  important to get cupboard doors to hang absolutely right al or they just annoy you forever more (my current ones have never been quite right and bugged me for years!)


A feature wall

Changing the floor in my kitchen might be something I desire but it would be a big job and I have no time for that right now. Having a wall painted? I could definitely do that myself and it really wouldn’t take long.

My sister recently wallpapered just one wall in her kitchen with wild lemur wallpaper. I may not go that far, it’s not really my style. In fact I usually only ever have white plain walls but I do like the idea of one bright sunshine yellow wall with a a big clock on it.  What do you think? It would certainly jazz up a very boring room and set off all the white gloss beautifully.



So 3 simple decor ideas that would make changes that make a big impact in the kitchen and cause minimal disruption.

Do you have any summer interior plans?


Changes that make a big impact in the kitchen is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on simple ways to upgrade a kitchen


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