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3 Tips to Help You Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Today – 3 Tips to Help You Fall Back in Love with Your Home



3 Tips to Help You Fall Back in Love with Your Home

You may have been filled with excitement when you first received the keys to your home. However, despite believing it was built for your exact needs when you first moved in, your affection towards the property might have shifted over time. This is natural as your lives and needs will have changed.

Instead of focusing on all the benefits yours house has, you might be distracted by its downsides, such as limited living space or an outdated interior design. If you want to feel happier in the property throughout the years, here are three tips that could help you fall back in love with your home.


  1. Transform Your Interior

Stop dreaming of a brand-new interior design and take steps to change your décor now. Just don’t pick up the first tin of paint that catches your eye, take the time to plan a mood board for each room within the home.

Browse the likes of Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration or pick-up interior design magazines to get the perfect layout, colour scheme, and desired atmosphere. Also, avoid fleeting trends that can quickly date your property.

Think about how you want to feel in each room. For example, pick a relaxing shade for a bedroom, living room and bathroom, or a vibrant hue for a home office or kitchen that will improve your focus and creativity.


in Love with Your Home


  1. Renovate or Extend to fall back in Love with Your Home

If your kitchen is on the small side or you are dreaming of a much bigger home, you could always extend your home or renovate your loft. For example, a home extension could help you to create your dream kitchen and dining room, and you could even install bi-folding doors to enjoy stunning views of your garden.

You could also convert a loft to add extra bedrooms for your family, or you could create a fun games room that offers one of the coolest football tables on the market, a sleek pool table or fun arcade games. However, you will need planning permission for a home extension and some loft conversion projects.


  1. Change Your Layout –  Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Changing a layout could reignite your love for your home. For example, simply repositioning furniture in your living room or bedroom could transform the space. Alternatively, you could turn your dining room into your living room, and vice versa.

Another option is to knock down an internal wall or two to create an open plan design, which can make your property appear light and airy. You also will not need planning permission to do so unless you live in a listed building.


in Love with Your Home


Conclusion – Are You in Love with Your Home?

No homeowner should settle for a property that brings them no joy. If you love the area but have fallen out of love with your interior, you must identify the aspects of your home you dislike and find a solution. For example, if your home is on the small side, you could benefit from a loft or garage conversion, a home extension, or an out-building.


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