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3 ways to be beautifully organised

This month I have discovered 3 lovely ways to be organised and I am excited to share them with you. The secret to organisation is to use systems that really work for you  and that are a pleasure to use. These 3 tick my boxes!

ways to be beautifully organised, gold filofax


My frugal blogging friend Cass Bailey is a woman who accomplishes so much and any organising advice she can pass my way I grab with both hands. This month I read a fabulous work life balance post by her that introduced me to Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a to do list app that  is so simple  and intuitive it is a pleasure to lose. I can make a to do list on my phone and ping there it is on my computer. I can print it off categorise it and even see deleted item. Loving Wunderlist and it has truly helped me stay on top of things.

A Beautiful Pen

I am at heart a pen and paper girl. Beautiful pens are close to my heart  and handwriting is  something I lament as a lost art . I have lusted after this Tom Dixon Cube Pen for a while now. isn’t it gorgeous. I do believe if you carry a beautiful pen you are much MUCH more likely to whizz it out and make notes about important things.

tom dixon


My old trusty friend the Filofax pocket journal now comes in Saffiano Gold (£32) and I have a tablet case to match. The usefulness of a filofax is legendary and this fits beautifully in all my bags. I rather adore taking it out and using it too, it is SO pretty.



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