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3 Ways To Make Your Guesthouse More Energy Efficient

Today – Ways To Make Your Guesthouse More Energy Efficient

When it comes to thinking about your guesthouse, you want to optimise energy efficiency and minimise prices. A lot of buildings were designed a few decades ago and now have some very outdated elements, which are not energy efficient or good for the environment.

Although you may think it feels like a hassle to change things up, it will definitely be worth it in the long term. Ultimately, it will help you to save money, make your guesthouse more modern, and help you decrease your environmental impact.


Swapping Your Light Bulbs For LED’s – Make your Guesthouse More Energy Efficient

The first thing you should consider doing if you have not done so already is swapping your old lightbulbs for LEDs. There are countless benefits to getting LED lightbulbs. Not only are they far more energy-efficient and less wasteful, but they are also much better in how they light up your rooms.

If you want to update your guesthouse and make it look more trendy, consider getting some of these LED spotlight bulbs, which will keep it nicely lit and give it more atmosphere. You can even go for dimmable spotlight bulbs, which can help you change the vibe of the room completely, depending on the time of day and the context you are using it for.

This will be attractive for guests wanting to stay in your guesthouse since they will be able to use it for different reasons: both a romantic getaway or a night away with friends.  


3 Ways To Make Your Guesthouse More Energy Efficient



Investing In Double Glazing – Making  your Guesthouse More Energy Efficient

Double glazing is a super-effective way of making your guesthouse more energy efficient. Having another layer of glass separating you and the outdoors makes all the difference. It will ensure your guests won’t feel the chill on those cold winter days and will minimise the noise from busy roads.

When you have single glazed windows in a building, it often feels as though you are switching the heating on for it to immediately escape. The reason being it probably is escaping. Double glazing prevents heat loss, so you won’t have to use anywhere near as much heating in bedrooms and public areas. This helps to reduce the cost of heating the property.  


3 Ways To Make Your Guesthouse More Energy Efficient


Consider Getting Solar Panels  

If your guesthouse is south facing, solar panels are a good choice. The initial cost of installing them may be a little pricey, but in the long-term, the cost-benefit analysis makes it so worth it. Solar panels are definitely the future for suitable buildings: run by the power of the sun and storing the ‘leftover’ energy? What more could you want!

Like all these options, solar panels are super good for the environment. If everyone was able to have solar panels, our fossil fuel usage would decrease dramatically, meaning we would not have to panic so much about draining the earth’s resources. Sounds like a win-win situation.


Ways To Make Your Guesthouse More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is definitely the way to go and will have so many benefits on both you and the planet in the long run. It will also help you save money on elements of your guest house and will be attractive to customers since you can advertise it as being more environmentally friendly.


3 Ways To Make Your Guesthouse More Energy Efficient

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