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365 days of Happy, Kind and Calm

Today is publication day for my new quote books for kids 365 days of happy, kind and calm.


365 days of Happy



 I am SO excited to see these little books fly out into the big wide world, I am so proud of them!

They are colourful, pocket sized books with lovely ribbon markers. Each one contains activities, affirmations and quotes to inspire and motivate young people. The book age aim  is 6-12 but adults have declared how much they love them too. After all we do all need a daily dose of inspiration don’t we and we all want more happiness kindness and calm in our lives. 

  • inspirational quotes for when children are feeling worried
  • positive affirmations to bring positive change
  • simple inspiring activities to do throughout the year

These are perfect book to open at the beginning of the day or before bed to help create a positive mindset and they make the best stocking stuffers

365 days of Happy

The 365 days of happy book tour

My book launch kicks off with a book tour around a c host of the best UK parenting blogs.



Do please pop and visit the fabulous bloggers who are part of my book tour where I have been guest blogging and showing off aspects of my boooks 

29 /9 We’re Going on an Adventure www.goingonanadventure.co.uk

30/9 Thrifty Mum thriftymum.com

01/10 Down Side Up www.downssideup.com

2/10 Emma and 3 www.emmaand3.com

3/10 Mummy Mummy Mum  www.mummymummymum.com

4/10 Rainy Day Mum  www.rainydaymum.co.uk

5/10 What the Red Head Said www.whattheredheadsaid.com

6/10 Growing Family  www.growingfamily.co.uk


Book fairies

I am also going to be heading out with the book fairies today In Nottingham to hide some books at the arboretum for kids to find. Exciting times!



becky goddard-Hill

#I do hope you enjoy my new books and if you read one please do leave me an amazon review they can really help! 



A bit about me 

I am  children’s therapist, former social worker award-winning blogger and the author of Create your own happy,Create your own calm and Create your own kindness.

You can see all my book in my dedicated Amazon store Emotionally Healthy Kids 


becky goddard



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