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4 Creative Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom

Today – Creative Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom

Infusing the home with a renewed sense of vitality and vigour is on many people’s wish list. However, most of us never decide to actually work on achieving that. It appears that this time has come, though, and one of the best places to start is the bathroom, considering how little it needs to be done to give it a complete makeover without breaking the bank or dedicating all of your free time in it. Here is how.

4 Creative Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom


Creative Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom

Your Options

The things you can focus on so that you can increase the organisation and desirability of your bath include the mirrors, shelving, lighting, and fittings. They can all easily be adjusted, altered or transformed to help you make the most of even the tiniest space. Other options to consider to decorate and accessorise your bathroom on the cheap are coordinated towels, some fresh paint, wall murals, and stylish accessories. So, where do you start?

The Simple Things

Among the first things people look at when entering a bathroom (if not the first) is the vanity. So, you could start with accessorising your vanity unit with an eye-catching soap dish or dispenser, a tumbler holder, and a nice towel bar that match the overall style of the rest of the bath. Generally speaking, changing some of your most common countertop accessories is a fantastic way to avoid a full-blown bath renovation.

The Towels

It is incredibly exciting to see how some new fluffy towels can change the way the bathroom space looks. Hide the mix-matched linen that has accumulated over the years and display some new ones. In general, bathroom linen can work wonders in your quest for the creation of a more sophisticated and refined-looking bath. Everything from the towels and bathmats to the bathrobes can be switched for super-soft, fine-quality, organic cotton alternatives, which can also give the area a more luxurious feel.

The Bathtub

Although barely an accessory per se, a gorgeous-looking tub can steal all impressions to the point that all other upgrades are unnecessary! For instance, replacing your acrylic tub with a stylish steel bathtub will enable you to have an eye-catching feature in the bath that is also extremely sturdy and strong. Besides, the white colour these types of tubs come with makes them perfect for any bathroom, regardless of its design or colour scheme. Another great thing about steel tubs is that they are provided with a wide range of options, from rounded-edged and freestanding models with claw feet to tubs made for two.  

Creative Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom – The Storage Solutions

The idea here is to declutter the space and give it an airy sensation with useful accessories while keeping everything in the right place. So, gather all of your small stuff, like bobby pins, jewellery, and hair ties in little jars and get them out of sight by hiding them in a drawer or bathroom cabinet. You could keep only a few of your most stylish pieces on display to create interest! Small stacked bowls can also come handy for your knick-knacks that often get jumbled and messy within the bathroom space. Lastly, investing in racks, open shelving and glass shelves will help make sure everything from medicines to lotions is tidy and well organised too.

Tips to Decorate your Bathroom Like an Interior Designer

Have a look at some must-know principles when accessorising your bathroom.


  • Pick your accessories wisely – Items that are neutral in tone are excellent choices as they allow for movement and change if your tastes change at some point later on; plus, they coordinate easily.
  • Practicality is key – Choosing accessories that are multi-functional will help escape monotony and boredom. For instance, a towel rack that is not wall-mounted can be easily moved around within the home and become part of the décor of other rooms, such as the utility room or, why not, the living space. In this case, select something modern and convenient that will fit in a broad spectrum of bathroom styles, whether contemporary or traditional.
  • Go minimal – You may often hear the phrase “less is more”, but it fits perfectly when it comes to bathroom accessories. You can enhance the ambience of the space with fashionable alternatives of the plastic liquid soap containers (i.e., ceramic items) and get rid of all unwanted things. Doing that will contribute to a stylish, great-looking bathroom for sure.


More Creative Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom

Letting your creativity free is probably the best tip when you want to accessorise your bathroom with innovation and uniqueness. If, for example, you have always liked wall murals and was afraid to put things into motion, do take this step forward to make a bold statement that speaks loudly of your personal style. Or, you could generate a linear effect by integrating floral/natural elements to match your vanity – go wherever your imagination takes you.


Creative Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom


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